b'Long-Handled SpongesACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGBathing aids for easy reachn Heat-moldable handle RoundScrub Palsare the most frequently used bathing aids. as low as RectangularSoft Polyfoam with 9"L or 17"L$ 3. eaplastic handle11Loofah HourglassITEM #EAITEM #20/PKITEM #QTY/CSCSYOU SAVE17"L LOOFAH#80509$7.25 ea$95.00 pk ($4.75 ea)#805096060$226.20 cs($3.77 ea)$208.80#8050920 9"L HOURGLASS#8952$6.25 ea#895220$85.00 pk($4.25 ea)#89526060$189.00 cs($3.15 ea) $186.0017"L HOURGLASS#8536$5.75 ea#853620$80.00 pk($4.00 ea)#85368080$254.40 cs($3.18 ea)$205.6017"L RECTANGULAR#8225$6.75 ea#822520$86.25 pk($4.31 ea)#82258080$248.75 cs($3.11 ea)$291.259"L ROUND#8953 $6.75 ea#895320 $86.25 pk($4.31 ea)#89536060$195.00 cs($3.25 ea)$210.0017"L ROUND#8224$7.25 ea#822420$95.00 pk($4.75 ea)#82246060$219.00 cs($3.65 ea)$216.00Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Deluxe ExfoliatorDeluxe Sponge Back of brush has sponge for Foot Sponge all-over latheringn Extends reach over 2 feet nEasily reach and wash toes and backDeluxe Grip SpongesLong handleDeluxe Foot BrushesFor those whomakes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places. have trouble with mobility and bending,Secure, soft-grip insert is easy to hold even whenthese long-handled brushes put independentn Easy to shapewet. Bendable to any angle for optimum washing.washing within reach. Soft-bristled brush is ideal Reach N\' ScrubFull-length bendable handle Choose the Deluxe Exfoliator for body polishing,for scrubbing lower legs and soles of the feet.Deluxe Sponge for all-over washing, or FootBack of brush has sponge for all-over lathering. can be easily shaped to reach all body parts. Soft Sponge for proper foot hygiene. 21"LPlastic handle with soft bristles foam handle grip runs entire length of handle. 26"LPlastic handle #83165$13.25 ea 24"L FAX800.437.2966#83167DELUXE EXFOLIATOR$15.25 ea Back Scratcher has same bendability and fully California residents, see left page. padded grip to reach any itch. #83166DELUXE SPONGE$14.25 ea#83168FOOT SPONGE$15.25 ea 26"LCalifornia residents, see left page. #82806REACH N\' SCRUB$19.75 ean Shaped for easier reaching #82805BACK SCRATCHER$19.75 eaETAC Back WashersShaped California residents, see left page.AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610for easy reaching all over the backwithout straining the hands, arms,or shoulders. Won\'t absorb water stays light and balanced even when wet. 30 14 "L#82916$27.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.nErgonomic design Long-handled foot brushETAC Body Washers Shapedincludes interchangeable headsn Comfortably supports head for effective use of shoulder, arm, andn Four convenient attachmentsShampoo TraysWash hair in bed. Inatehand muscle strength. Ergonomic designBath Kits Two round scrubbers, one handle with by mouth or Hand Pump (sold separately,makes it easier to get at all parts of theinterchangeable heads, toe cleaner, and foot brush. below). Flexible drainage hose.body. Replaceable washcloth won\'t absorb1water; light and balanced even when wet.Overall 22/ 2 "L23 14 "Vinyl 15"LPolypropylene and polypropylene-based TPE #81021BATH KIT$30.00 kit #8231SHAMPOO TRAY$23.75 eaWashcloth: nylon with polyethylene inner lining #810211010/cs$205.75 cs ($20.58 kit) #66223HAND PUMP, 2/pk$19.75 pk #82913$24.75 eaSave $94.25California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 73'