b'Drinking Aids BEST SELLER! DYSPHAGIA1 oz. 2 oz.7 oz.Flexi Cut CupsDesigned to promote ease of drinking, made of flexible plastic with a cutout designed to allow drinking without neck extension.5-cc Cup 10-cc CupPink and blue cups can be gently squeezed to change the shape of the cup lip and direct liquidPROVALE Drinking Cups deliver smallSimply tip the cup in a normal drinking motion flow. When squeezed, the caregiver can seeswallows (specific, predetermined volume) ofand 5 or 10 cc of liquid is delivered. Return the the lips and tongue in action with minimal headthin liquid in a normal drinking motion. Preventscup to its upright position and the chamber is movement. See-through colors provide visibility ofover-delivery, promoting safer swallowing andrefilled and ready to deliver another 5 or 10 cc. the liquid. Green cup is stiffer and can be used formore independence. Use one or two easy-gripComes apart easily and is dishwasher-safe. independent drinking. Available in three sizes. 5/pk. removable handles. Separate chamber insideGreat for post-intubation therapy.Top-rack dishwasher-safe, no heated drying delivers the specific volume in each mouthful#823225 cc$55.75 ea Polyethylene, not made with natural rubber latexwithout the need to suck. Encourages normal#8232310 cc$55.75 ea#80179S (1 oz, PINK)$19.64 pkdrinking habits and small swallows. May be #82322055 cc, 5/pk$230.00 pk#80181M (2 oz, BLUE)$19.44 pk used by therapists to help eliminate the need #823230510 cc, 5/pk$230.00 pk#814905L (7 oz, GREEN)$25.75 pk for pre-thickened liquids with some clients California residents, see left page.with dysphagia. California residents, see left page.Drinking Assistance products:TheraSIP SwallowingFAX800.437.2966Exercisersp. 18TheraSTRAWSp. 20SupraBall p. 20 AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Fluid chamber with one-way Thickenersp. 24 valve and "float" controls liquidNo-Tip Weighted Base Cups This two- n Helps prevent aspiration or chokinghandled cup with weighted base and roundedSafeStraw Reusable straw holder assists with corners helps those who need extra help inoral motor control of liquid bolus by using a small self-drinking. The weight helps slow the pick-upfluid chamber with a one-way valve and a float and directs set-down of the cup. Handles for two- to regulate how much fluid is sucked through handed hold to aid control. Cup will self-right whenthe straw at once, helping to prevent aspiration released from a lying position. Comes with two More Dysphagiaspill-proof lids to fit the level of drinking assistanceor choking. Once suck is stopped, float sinks to the bottom and is ready to deliver more liquid.products online! needed. The other lid has a molded plasticIncludes 12 single-use drinking straws (or use with mouthpiece. Top-shelf dishwasher-safe.any 1/4" drinking straw). Fits a variety of drinking 6 oz. (192 ml) capacityAliMed.com/dysphagia #80615 CUP$22.20 ea containers such as cups and bottles. Use thin White SafeStraw with thin liquids and thick Blue #8061504 4/pk$43.75 pk SafeStraw with nectar-thickened fluids. Great for California residents, see left page. post-intubation therapy. 12/bx.Reusable with single-client useDishwasher-safe#83007WHITE$132.04 bx#83008BLUE$132.04 bx#830096 WHITE/6 BLUE$132.04 bx California residents, see left page. 23'