b'VNS/Kilpatrick GuidesADULT SPEECH AND LANGUAGETherapy Guidesfor Language andSpeech Disorders, A Selection of Stimulus Materials, Volume 1Kathryn Kilpatrick This best-selling volume has hundreds of large-print,Best-selling series. Published by thewell-organized worksheets for specific language Visiting Nurse Service (VNS), eachstimulation needed for adults with aphasia or other versatile volume was developed for aneurological difficulties. Activities cover a hierarchyspecific level and presents hundreds that increases client motivation and leads toof organized worksheets for specificincreased independence. Practical activities formodality and intermodality. Materials adults at various levels of rehabilitation as well as can be used on a regular basis with reproducible take-home sheets for follow-throughclients in acute-care facilities, nursing work between sessions.homes, or at home. They can also be givenTopics include: to caregivers or clients for follow-through Listeningwork between sessions. Pages can beComprehension reproduced from book or flash drive, makingReading comprehension them great for telepractice. Speech and languageWritingNumber skillsAll volumes include aSpeech productionGesturesflash drive for easierWork communication chartsEach section has color-coded tab dividers. telepractice! 430 pages, plastic cover and binding, flash drive#83109ENGLISH$102.75 ea Available Flash drive #83114 SPANISH$102.75 ea in SpanishCalifornia residents, see left page.Advanced Stimulus Materials,Putting the Pieces Together, Volume 4 Volume 2Helps clients with milderA linguistically based cognitive retraining neurological impairments. Usemanual for clients with mild-to-moderate these exercises for additional languagecognitive-language deficits. A unique, practical stimulation at a higher level. Large-printcollection of reproducible worksheets that worksheets focus on real-life activities andtargets three key areas of language-based day-to-day situations. Includes exercises forcognitive communication skills: comprehension, word retrieval, sentence Visual-spatial formulation, general knowledge, thought Verbal organization, definitions, number skills, andNumerical reasoningdaily needs.Focuses on re-learning and remembering FAX800.437.2966254 pages, plastic cover and binding, flash drive strategies and techniques for problem-solving, reasoning, organization, judgment, sequencing, #83110 VOLUME 2$90.75 ea and more. Sample exercises (answers given) California residents, see left page. at three levels help therapist determine appropriate level to start treatment and assign carry-over exercises.389 pages, plastic cover and binding, flash driveAliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610#83112VOLUME 4$102.75 eaWorking with Words, Volume 3California residents, see left page.Innovative workbook features a collection oflarge-print puzzles and word games designed for clients with mild-to-moderateReading Comprehension Materials,neurological impairments. Excellent forVolume 5 Workbook with excellent, visual field neglect, attention/concentrationlarge-print reading material for adults. problems, or word-finding difficulties. BuiltSeven sections progress from simple around popular topics, including synonyms,word-level tasks to complete stories at antonyms, definitions, categories, and more.a fourth-to-tenth-grade level. Practical and Can help maintain written responses, leadinformative activities and stories relate to to new leisure activities, or help others easeeveryday experiences. Highly motivating back into leisure activities.therapy is pertinent to clients daily living. 289 pages, plastic cover and binding, flash drive Exercises for concentration difficulties, #83111VOLUME 3$90.75 ea immediate recall of new information, or California residents, see left page. visual-field neglect. 350 pages, plastic cover and binding, flash drive#83113VOLUME 5$102.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.9'