b'Aphasia AssessmentADULT SPEECH AND LANGUAGETests visual, auditory,BEST SELLER!and tactile recognitionUses all language modalitiesAssessment of Language-Related Functional Activities (ALFA), Kathleen A. Examining for Aphasia (EFA-4)FourthBaines, Ann W. Martin, and Heidi Edition, Leonard L . LaPointe and Jon Eisenson McMartin-HeeringaAssesses Assesses the relative impact of this brain-basedin 30- to 90-minute segments. language disorder on quality of life. Evaluates theTen subtests, each assessing a cognitive, personality, and linguistic modificationsdifferent functional activity: telling associated with acquired aphasia. Tests visual,time, counting money, addressing an auditory, tactile recognition and auditory andenvelope, etc. As client performs each reading comprehension of words, sentences,activity, assessor records an objective, and paragraphs. Subtests help determinequantitative score. Subtests require use areas of strength and weakness for receptiveof all language modalities, cognitive, and and expressive functions as well as for themotor skills. Allows observance of multiple communication processes. Administered in cognitive processes to eliminate administration 30 to 60 minutes.of specialized tests. Contains: examiners manual, picture book, Contains: examiners manual, picture book, 25 profile/examiner record 25 each of all diagnostic and response form bookletsforms, and materials kit (tokens, clock, chart, envelopes), andneeded, and manipulative kit in sturdy storage box storage box#82832$447.00 kit#81997ALFA KIT$279.00 kitCalifornia residents, see left page. #81998ADDITIONAL RECORD FORMS, 25/pk$60.75 pkCalifornia residents, see left page.Boston Assessment of Severe AphasiaAdministered in 20 to 30 minutes; gives baseline; (BASA), Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, Gailscores both verbal and nonverbal responses. Ramsberger, Alisa R. Morgan, and MarjorieContains: examiners manual, stimulus cards, NicholasQuickly identifies and quantifies manipulative set, custom clipboard, 25 record forms, FAX800.437.2966spared language abilities of clients with severeand storage boximpairments in comprehension and production #80143BASA COMPLETE KIT$458.00 kitof language long before other measures are appropriateeven at bedside. Immediate#80144ADDITIONAL RECORD FORMS, 25/pk treatment planning uses the strongest response$70.75 pkmodalities with stimuli that elicit the mostCalifornia residents, see left page.communicative responses. AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610ElicitsMini Inventory of Right Brain Injury communicative(MIRBI-2)Revised, Patricia A. Pimental and Jeffrey A. KnightQuick and easy screen for responses neurocognitive deficits. Gives severity index and deficit profile for clients ages 20 through 80. For speech, occupational and physical therapists, nurses, and other professionals on the neurogenic team. Shows a deficit profile based on underlying disorders in processing. Tests attention, ability to explain incongruities, absurdities, figurative language and similarities, affective language, emotions and affect processing, understanding humor, praxis, and expressive ability. Normed test with right-left differentiation subscale and triplicate narrative report form. Contains: examiners manual, 25 test booklets, 25 report forms, and storage box#80159$276.00 kit California residents, see left page. 3'