b'Oral Stimulation/HygieneImproves oral sensationDYSPHAGIAIce FingersResearch showsthis thermal stimulator stays coldthroughout the entire therapysession! Helps improve oral motorand oropharyngeal strength and sensation for clients with feeding and swallowing impairments. The totally sealed, malleable gel coreis frozen for thermal stimulation and can be refrozen so one can be used per client for the entire duration Using the Ice Finger in Therapy, of therapy. For additional stimulation, it can be Jennifer HannersThis very specific manualdipped into sour substances. The small grip at the provides information on how the Ice Finger cantop makes it easy to evoke mouth opening,be safely and effectively used by clients, familyinsert for sucking, or to overcome a members, and therapists.hypersensitive gag reflex. Easy to use with clients who resist intraoral 12 pages, softcover stimulation or have difficulty#83060$19.75 ea following one-step commands.California residents, see left page. Each is 4"L below the handleand is58 " in diameter. 5/pk.#81868$87.75 pkCalifornia residents, see left page.NUK MassagersGreat tool for initial oral-motor therapy and stimulation. This rounded massage brush has soft rubber flanges arranged at the head foreffective stimulation in any direction. The handle is thick and contoured for easygrasping. Can be used with adults for oral-motor facilitation,stimulation, anddesensitization. Recommended one per client. Massagers should be rinsed thoroughly after each use, washed occasionally with warm water and gentle soap, and replaced after two to three months. 6/pk.Single Individually wrapped Replacement #83090$34.00 pk Canister FAX800.437.2966California residents, see left page. now availableOne piece, two sizes AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Res-Q-Vac Suction ToothbrushesReusable single-client oral hygiene toothbrush and suction instrument to help those with swallowing difficulties perform routine oral care. When connected to suction, it removes food buildup and mucus as well as plaque, bacteria, and fluid from the mouth during brushing. The bristles are soft and gentle. The Res-Q-Vac provides a hand-powered suction system that Laryngeal MirrorsOne-piece chromedoes not require a power source and is completely portable. Replacement canister and tubing available. mirror a llows safe, easy cleaning andThe brush (for use with hand-powered vac) has a plugged port to provide continuous suction. Also icing. Unlike other 2-piece mirrors, theseavailable is a brush ( #82967 ) that has a finger-controlled open port to regulate the suction neededmirrors cannot come apart in the mouthby some clients. if the client has a bitereflex. Retains coldCombo Kit contains: Suction Toothbrush with Plugged Port, hand-operated pump, canister (for collection), tubingand accommo dates liquid (sour stimuli) Additional brushes can be purchased separately in packages of 6for enhancing thermal stimulation.#83419RES-Q-VAC COMBO KIT$183.00 kit8"LSize 00 (10 mm): Facilitates light touch#82967SUCTION TOOTHBRUSH (w/OPEN PORT), 6/pk$63.00 pk Size 0 (12 mm): Appropriate for oral cavity#82968SUCTION TOOTHBRUSH (w/PLUGGED PORT), 6/pk$56.75 pkexams #83420REPLACEMENT CANISTER AND TUBING, 10/pk$321.75 pk#8545SIZE 00$56.75 ea #83421REPLACEMENT CANISTER AND TUBING, 1/pk$35.75 pk#8546SIZE 0$60.00 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.21'