b'GroomingDressing AidsACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGn Inspect hard-to-see areas n Ergonomic design minimizes effortInspection Mirrors bend to any ETAC Long-position and will stay in place for Handled Brushes diabetic foot and routine skinand Combsinspection. Adjustable hand-strap. Ergonomically Virtually unbreakable. designed for 4"W x 6"L mirror22" handle Bends to maximum power inspect skin with minimal effort and strain on upper extremities. Oval-#8255$41.50 ea shaped handles with textured surface offer a California residents, see left page. secure grip.Helps make Comb: 14 12 "L3 oz. dressing Brush: 14 12 "L4 oz. easier!A.#82747COMB$19.50 ea Dowel Handle#82748BRUSH$22.75 ea B.California residents, see left page.Contoured, textured Plastic HandleTurn your own items intoC.n Clamps onto bedrails, wheelchairs, tabletops, and more adaptive equipmentCushioned HandleClamp-On Adjustable Mirrors Multi-use mirror clamps onto bedrails, wheelchairs,n Three handle choices for buttoningtabletops, and other surfaces. Shatterproof mirrorButton Hooks/Zipper PullsButton is mounted on a flexible 12" metal gooseneckhook on one end, zipper pull on the other. attached to a strong plastic spring clamp. ClampConvenient and easy to use.grips surfaces up to 1" thick. 8"W x 12"L mirror surface Dowel Handle: 5 12 "L x12 " diam.Plastic Handle:Tapered, 5"L x 11/4"W (at widest point)Cushioned #80245$105.06 ea Color-Coded CylindricalHandle: Made with built-up wood and rubber for California residents, see left page. Handle Foam Tubingcomfortable gripA.#8256DOWEL HANDLE$11.00 eaFAX800.437.2966See all items on p. 85 B.#8257PLASTIC HANDLE$10.00 eaC.#80338CUSHIONED HANDLE$20.38 eaSuction keepsCalifornia residents, see left page.brush steady AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Polyethylene basen Convenient one-handed operationOne-Handed Denture Brushes with r ubber suction cups. Slightly serrated edgeSlots hold emery 4"LPlastic baseWhite to minimize slipping boards#8236BRUSH$17.25 ea Suction feet#8236044/pk$42.75 pk($10.69 ea)California residents, see left page. n Extra-long n Making nail care easy againPETA Easi-Grip Toenail ScissorsExtra-longSuction Base Nail Care Centers are to compensate for limited reach. Slightly serrateda convenient device that helps make nail edge stops nails from slipping while being cut. Notmaintenance easy for those with a weakened nSuction to surface made with natural rubber latex.grasp. The clippers are fastened to the board, with 8 12 "LStainless steel suction feet holding the Center steady to make Suction Base Fingernail Brushes clipping nails easy. The Center also has slots on with two rubber suction cups. Hands-free use. #88909$27.75 ea the side to hold emery boards.4"LPlasticWhite California residents, see left page. 3 34 "W x 7 14 "LSlots hold emery boardsEasy to clean #8235BRUSH$13.75 ea polyethylene base#8235044/pk$36.00 pk($9.00 ea) #8633$56.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 83'