b'Retraining Workbooks COGNITIVE REHAB/BRAIN INJURYSusan Howell BrubakerGreat for WorkbooksBest-selling activitytelepracticebooks, each addressing a special set of skills for cognitive rehabilitation.Workbook for Language SkillsSecond EditionFeatures six target areas with 68 real-world language-based exercises of low-to-moderate difficulty. Target areas for adults and adolescents include sentence completion, sentence construction, figurative language, general knowledge, word recall, WALC 2 Cognitive RehabThese 300 pagessentence comprehension, and spelling. of exercises are for clients who need help withContains: 325 pages, 3-ring binder, color tabs, andattention, memory, sequential thought, andanswer keyreasoning. Easy-to-read format, with simple and concise language, consistent progression#80191$122.75 eaof complexity within and between tasks, andCalifornia residents, see left page. Workbook For Cognitive SkillsSecond application to a wide range of acquired cognitive- Workbook for Reasoning SkillsSecondEditionFor adult and adolescent clients with language disorders. Activities are organized intoEditionFeatures functional exercises that focusmoderate-to-high-level difficulty. Numerous five skill areas: Attention and Concentration,on language-based reasoning and cognitive skills.exercises are provided for logic, followingMemory for General Information, Visual andSix target areas have 67 innovative exercisesdirections, word retrieval, and flexible thinking. Auditory Memory, Sequential Thought, andemphasizing real-life situations: drawing conclusions,Unique CLUES section makes exercisesReasoning. Includes answer key. problem-solving, following directions, visual andadaptable for non-spellers and others, and301 pages, softcover logical sequencing, humor, and number/symbols.allows difficulty level to be changed. #713476$66.75 ea Contains: 328 pages, 3-ring binder, color tabs, and Contains: 370 pages, 3-ring binder, color tabs, and California residents, see left page. answer key answer key#80192$122.75 ea #82817$122.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966WALC 7 Everyday MathLanguage and WALC 6 Functional LanguageKeep clientWALC 5 Neurological RehabImprove reasoning come together with math ininterest high with fresh content and functionalorientation, memory, organization, problem solving, this collection of functional lessons. Theactivities. 300 pages of exercises cover a broadreasoning, and written expression with these AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610illustrations and activities replicate real-life skills.scope of skills including orientation, auditoryfunctional activities. Clients improve the way they Comprehension questions guide therapy. 150comprehension, verbal expression, and readingprocess information and respond appropriately to ready-to-use activities for math teach the functionalcomprehension. The activities target these skills:the world around them. The activities are organized skills adults need for independence. Many ofTemporal and Spatial Orientation (recognize,into these skill areas: Orientation (environment, the tasks can be used to address co-existingunderstand, and use time concepts in everydaytemporal and spatial orientation, and immediate deficits in reading comprehension, reasoning,activities), Nonverbal Communication (usingand past events), Memory (immediate recall of digit organization, and problem solving. The activitiesgestures and pantomime), Oral Motor/Speechsequences, related and unrelated word sequences, target these skills: Math word problems with andProduction (phoneme-specific exercises rangingand information in functional reading activities), without pictures; Calendar skills, from orientationfrom the single-word level to sentence level),Organization (steps in everyday tasks and categorize to planning; Time-telling through word problemsVerbal Expression (single-word level throughwords), Verbal Problem Solving (encountered in with and without pictures; and Money skills, fromthe structured and unstructured conversationthe areas of medical, safety, household, daily living, identifying, determining values, calculating values,levels), Auditory Comprehension (single- financial, and community living), Abstract Reasoning to word problems with and without pictures.word comprehension and discrimination to(understand figurative language), and Writing Includes answer key. comprehending and recalling multiple paragraph(tracing and copying the alphabet, progressing 182 pages, softcover information), Reading Comprehension (rangingthrough copying and writing letters, phrases, and #713478$66.75 ea from the individual letter level all the way throughsentences). Convenient, ready-to-use activities are California residents, see left page. the paragraph and functional reading level), andsupplemented with suggestions for further activities Written Expression (writing information aboutfor caregivers and clients. Includes answer key. themselves and writing checks). Great for telepractice.313 pages, softcover 180 pages, softcover#83335 $66.00 ea #83334$66.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 31'