b'Word RetrievalCOMMUNICATIONHELP for Word FindingUses six approachesWALC 4 Everyday ReadingFrom signs toWALC 6 Functional LanguageKeep client to improve word finding: associations, themes,appointment cards and credit card bills, here areinterest high with fresh content and functional definitions, questions, parts of speech, and35 categories of functional reading tasks andactivities. The 300 pages of exercises cover a context. Hundreds of stimuli help clients recallcomprehension questions in one convenient book.broad scope of skills including: a variety of words. Outcomes include increasedThe activities represent reading requirementsOrientationspeed of word retrieval and communicationclients encounter every day. Each readingAuditory comprehensionwith more ease and expression. Stimulate wordcategory is depicted in several styles withVerbal expressionretrieval and rapid recall with lessons organizedtrue-to-life graphics. Corresponding stimulusReading comprehensionby these areas: Automatic Associations, Themes,questions prompt clients to look for informationActivities target these specific skills: TemporalDefinitions, Answering Questions, Parts ofand interpret a variety of formats. Includes answerand Spatial Orientation, Nonverbal Communication, Speech, and Using Context. Includes answer key. key. Oral Motor/Speech Production, Verbal 179 pages, softcover 182 pages, softcover Expression, Auditory Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, and Written Expression. Includes #83331$66.75 ea #83333$73.25 ea answer key.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 313 pages, softcover#83335$73.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.Products with Word Retrieval applications:FAX800.437.2966Advanced StimulusMaterials, Vol. 2p. 9Workbook for Cognitive Skills, 2 ndEd.p. 10AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Complex Challengesfor Cognitionp. 11Flex Your Language WALC 8 Word FindingHelp clients meetWALC 11 Language for Home Activitiestheir goals for mid- to high-level complexity wordBoost client interest and outcomes with activities Cardsp. 10 retrieval. Offers plenty of strategies and repetitionthat use relevant content themed around home to meet diverse client needs. Outcomes include: activities and home maintenance. Clients will Targeting Word name items by:learn to name, organize, and categorize everyday Retrieval workbooksp. 8 Association and use definitions vocabulary words and use higher-level verbal Word parts reasoning. Activities target five skill areas: Word Rhyming to recall words Finding, Organization, Categorization, Reasoning, Activities are organized into five skill areas:and Picture/Paragraph Comprehension. Includes Answering Questions, Building Categorizationanswer key.Skills, Using Word Relationships, Using Word196 pages, softcoverStrategies, and Naming and Selecting Pictures. Includes answer key. #83339$73.25 ea189 pages, softcover California residents, see left page.#83336$73.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.41'