b'Cognition Resources COGNITIVE REHAB/BRAIN INJURYMemory Workbook,Volume 2Worksheets and suggestions offer clinician toolsfor systematic and goal-oriented treatment for clients with moderate to severe memory impairment interfering with function and independence. Sixsections represent six distinct memory strategies: rote memory, pegging, rhythm & rhyme; categorization; PQRST reading; visual imagery; chaining; and visual spatial Simple Cognitive Tasks, Mary Evanofski memory. Helps transfer memory skills toThree-book set of beginning tasks helps clients getactivities of daily living.back on the road to recovery after a neurological100 pages, softcover, plastic bindingimpairment. Essential for cognitive retraining.Attention Workbook, Volume 1Designed#58 22$65.00 eafor the most basic cognitive skill, before memory,California residents, see left page.learning, and problem-solving, the worksheets andProblem-Solving Workbook, Volume 3suggestions offer the clinician tools for systematicActivities designed to offer basic or very simple and goal-oriented treatment of attention. Includesproblem-solving tasks incorporating analysis, tasks of recognition, processing, concentration,synthesis, and multiple process manipulation of discrimination, filtering, and persistence. Theinformation. It is divided into three overlapping workbook format helps visual-motor attentionsections: visual, verbal, and mathematical skills and includes tracing, copying, selecting,problems, not in difficulty order. Intervention and constructing. Also includes suggestions forrecommended, practice using progressive auditory-motor and tactile-motor attention tasks. challenging will help refine basic skills and then generalize to everyday tasks.50 pages, softcover, plastic bindingWALC 12 Executive Functioning, #5821$67.75 ea 50 pages, softcover, plastic bindingKathryn J TomlinStimulate neurologically impairedCalifornia residents, see left page. #5823WORKBOOK$67.75 eaclients executive functioning with activities that#5824SET OF THREE(1 EACH BOOK)$174.00 setuse relevant content, themed around homeCalifornia residents, see left page.activities and home maintenance. Many of the items involve working memory which taps into the clients general knowledge base; have multiple appropriate answers which gives the FAX800.437.2966client practice with thought flexibility; have no right or wrong answers as the responses will be based on the clients subjective opinions and preferences; and will assist the client in developing decision-making skills based on fact as opposed to unverified opinions. All are fully reproducible for use individually or in groups.AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610200 pages, softcover#83372$66.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.Other CognitionThe Communication Activities of DailyNew features include the Stimulus book Living (CADL-3)Third Edition, Audrey products: L. Holland, Davida Fromm, and Linda Wozniak illustrations replaced with photos, allowing for a Individually administered assessment of thegreater sense of realism; administration instructions Cognitive Reorganization p. 29 functional communication skills of adults withhave been added to the Examiner Record Booklet neurogenic communication disorders. Given into increase examiners ease of use; items Treating Cognitive-about 30 minutes, it contains 50 items assessingpertaining to the basic use of technology including Communication Disorders communication activities in seven areas:mobile phones, the Internet, and email added. An all-new standardization sample (20142016) was In Adultsp. 37 Reading, writing, and using numbers collected.Social interactionsWorkbook for Contextual communication Contains: Examiners Manual, Stimulus Book, 25 Patient Response Forms, 25 Examiner Record Booklets, sturdy Cognitive Skills p. 31 Nonverbal communication storage box Sequential relationshipsCognition Therapy p. 32 Humor, metaphor, and absurdity #83403$389.00 kit Internet basics California residents, see left page. 35'