b'Language TherapyADULT SPEECH AND LANGUAGEBEST SELLER!Picture Noun CardsBright, pleasing photo cards from nine basic categories (animals, foods, vehicles, furniture, clothing, toys, everyday objects, shapes, and colors). The only flashcard set to offerLanguage Activities Resource KitExpanded print materials include vocabulary 15 Basic Stage Set (105 cards). In Stage One,(LARK-2)Second Edition, Richard A.and question cards that have sentence closure two identical images are on white backgrounds,Dressler This second edition includes anphrases. Manual/workbook gives specific including shape and color cards. In Stage Two, fiveupdated collection of objects, photographs,instructions for therapy sessions without similar images are in their natural settings. Theillustrations, and print material for use insubscribing to any particular theory or approach. back of each card is numbered and gives a labellanguage therapy with adults who haveManual/Workbook can be purchased and category for the image, as well as suggestedmoderate-to-severe language disorders. Gearedseparately. activities appropriate to the card. towards therapy addressing right-hemisphereContains: manual/workbook, two each of 25 objects, Contains: 350 cards (5" x 3"), stickers, and dividers indysfunction. Useful in speech production200 cards, and sturdy storage boxstorage box tasks for improving intelligibility, enhancing #82862$174.75 set comprehension and expression, and helping#82220LARK-2 COMPLETE KIT$336.00 kitCalifornia residents, see left page. with functional communication. Draws from#82221MANUAL/WORKBOOK ONLY$102.75 eavarious methods and techniques to restoreCalifornia residents, see left page.ability to communicate effectively.FAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Picture Nouns 2This set of noun cards offersJust for Adults Apraxia CardsAdvance additional vocabulary building and is great foryour clients to intelligible speech with this labeling, sorting, adjectives, functions, matching,resource that has 300 photo and illustration cards, and storytelling. Categories include vehicles, bodysystematic stimulus hierarchies, and functional parts, tools, musical instruments, insects, sea life,content organized around twelve themes. This animals, clothing, safety signs, on the farm, foods,step-by-step product lets you engage clients with and everyday objects. The back of each card istrue-to-life photos and illustrated scenes, choose numbered and provides a label for the image, aswords by phonetic complexity, use a systematic well as suggested activities appropriate to the card.cueing hierarchy, reduce the language load, andThe themes and some of the target words are: An included activity booklet provides more detailedteach functional phrases and sentences. Contains:clothing, community, feelings and emotions, food instruction ideas. 5 pre-test/post-test cards (60 total) to establishand drink, grooming and bathing, holidays and Contains: 350 cards (5" x 3"), dividers, and instructiona baseline and monitor progress with words ofseasons, home, kitchen, leisure, occupations, time booklet in sturdy storage box increasing length; 15 photo cards of individualand money, and transportation. #82954$151.00 set itemsthe back of each photo card has a cueingContains: 317 coated cards (7" x 5"), boxhierarchy with wh- question, sentence completion, California residents, see left page. phonemic cue delayed model, and direct model; 4#83149$136.75 setillustrated scene cards (48 total). California residents, see left page.7'