b'Memory Joggin Your ELDERLY/DEMENTIANoggin, Mary Randolph A set of two activity books to stimulate, entertain, and improve thinking, memory, and word-recall skills. The carefully crafted word games are aimed for those in mild or moderate stages of dementia. Over 70 fun and challenging word gamesStorymatic RememoryA card-based way to to improve thinking and memory skills incorporateaccess memories. Its a fun, conversational activity strategies of sound cues, visualization, fill-ins, andthat helps access stories the client already opposites. Sold in sets only.hasmemories. Ideal for individual sessions or 80-92 pages each, softcover groups for sharing (and comparing) memories. #83026$52.75 set Has over 200 prompts in three color-coded card decks:California residents, see left page. Memory and Communication Aids for25 Season cards such as summer People with Dementia, Michelle S. Bourgeois and HalloweenA practical guide to communication and memory25 Generation cards such as parentaids that significantly improves the ability of peopleand grandsonwith dementia to stay connected, engaged, and180 Prompt cards such as tree and joyfunctioning at their optimal level of independence.Depending on the level of the client, you can start From low-tech options such as memo boardswith just one card, then progress to two and three to commercial electronic products, these toolscards from different decks, or start with one card help promote conversation, answers to commonfrom each deck, for the client to relay a memory. questions, and reminders for daily living. TheseComes with suggestions for using with single activities will reduce challenging behaviors byclient, with friends/family, and in group session. helping clients communicate, remember importantCards have rounded edges and box is light and Functional Memory Manual, Jean Elbaum,things, complete tasks, and preserve their dignityportable with a vintage design.Peggy Kramer, Deborah Benson, and Carrieand identity. Provides guides, forms, and templatesContains: 200+ cards (2" x 3"), storage boxDulaskiAn interdisciplinary approach to buildingto use or customize.functional memory skills, emphasizing the use200 pages, softcover #83438$29.95 bxof internal and external strategies to improveCalifornia residents, see left page.recall. Chapters include strategies and activities#83103$67.75 eafor improving attention, auditory recall, visualCalifornia residents, see left page.recall, sequential recall, and functional memory. Instructions at the beginning of each chapter provide guidance in selecting activities for individual clients as well as examples of application. The FAX800.437.2966exercises are appropriate for clients with mild, moderate, and severe memory deficits. Many reproducible pages and carryover suggestions for between-session practice. 380 pages, softcover, spiral binding#88862$111.00 eaAliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610California residents, see left page.Daily ReminiscenceFlex Your Memory Cards, Susan Howell Calendar, Kathryn KilpatrickBrubacker, Carolyn Daly, and Lisa MammoseryDesigned especially for olderStimulate auditory and visual recall with adults so they can reflectWALC 10 MemoryClients focus on theirprospective memory triggers. This dual-concept on people and events thatstrengths to identify memory strategies that work,tool is an innovative way to address retention, shaped their liveswhilethen practice and apply their memory strategiesworking memory, and prospective memory with keeping track of currentto new contexts. Begins with a series of activitiesclients who are developing strategies and need events. The perpetualto determine the clients dominant coding systemfunctional practice. White task cards provide calendar and accompanying(visual, auditory, and kinesthetic). Clients recognizeinformation to remember. Green trigger cards CD becomes an excellentmemory strategies they already use and the valueshow various (future) times and/or conditional resource for therapists working with older of learning new ones. The rest of the book focusesparameters for recalling that information. Pairing a adults. For each day there is a fact of the day,on learning and practicing memory strategies.task card and a trigger card requires the client to birthdays of 2 well-known people, followed CD Lessons are organized by memory strategiesuse strategies to know when and what to recall. by yes/no questions, multiple-choice options, andthat include Word/Mental Picture Associations,Additional ideas, variations, and suggestionsfill-in the missing word activity. Works great Following Written and Oral Directions, Word Listare included. as a conversation starter!Retention, and many more. Includes answer key. Contains: 25 green trigger cards, 65 white task cards, 370-page calendar, directions, CD 186 pages, softcover instructions, storage box#83057$54.75 ea #83338$73.25 ea #83029$72.75 setCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 51'