b"Adaptive Cups and MugsACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGComplete line of mugs to meet a variety of needsAdaptive Mugs assist with drinking independence for patients with weakened hands,Clear Mug with One limited mobility, or dysphagia.Handle and Spout LidRed styles help visually impaired patients more easily recognize cups, helping to increase liquid intake while Clear Two-Handled Mugs offer wider bases for added stability. Choose One or Two Handles depending on patient's level of impairment. Red Mug with Two Each mug includes two Lids to help reduceHandles and Spout Lidspillage and assist with dysphagia feeding strategies: Anti-Splash Lids control spilling and limit flow with two-sized openings, and Feeding Spout Lids are contoured to fit the mouth and feature a flow-control vent; bothClear Mug with Two can accommodate straws. Optional FloLidsHandles and Spout Lidhave rubber stoppers that automatically control flow volume for greater drinking independence, and Nosey Lids allow for safe drinking for dysphagia patients or those with limited neck motion (both sold separately below).OptionalOptionalAnti-Splash LidsNosey Lid FloLidHolds 8 or 10 oz.PlasticSafe for warm or cold liquidsDishwasher-safeMade in USAALIMED ADAPTIVE MUG w/2 LIDS SIZE HANDLESLIDITEM #EA ITEM #10/PKITEM #20/CSLIDS ONLY CLEAR MUG #82870REPL. ANTI-SPLASH LIDS,8 ozONECLEAR#80855$8.00 ea#8085520$105.00 cs ($5.25 ea) 3/pk$10.00 pk8 ozTWOCLEAR#8573$8.50 ea#857310$60.00 pk ( $6.00 ea)#857320$103.75 cs ($5.19 ea) #82935REPL. FEEDING SPOUT10 ozONECLEAR#80840$10.20 ea#8084010 $64.50 pk ( $6.45 ea) LIDS, 6/pk$15.25 pk10 ozTWOCLEAR#83158$8.00 ea#8315810 $57.75 pk ($5.78 ea)#8315820$102.00 cs ($5.10 ea) #83160OPTIONAL FLOLIDS,10 ozTWORED#83157$8.00 ea#8315710 $55.75 pk ($5.58 ea) 6/pk$17.25 pkFAX800.437.2966 RED MUG #83161OPTIONAL NOSEY LIDS,6/pk$12.25 pk10 ozTWOCLEAR#83159$8.00 ea#8315910 $80.00 pk($8.00 ea)#8315920$96.75 cs ($4.84 ea) California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610n Large mouthpiece n Spillproof n Fingertip controlNo-Spill CupsLarge mouthpiece and fingertipFlo-Trol Vacuum CupsAir-release, flow- Flo-Trol Drinking CupsPlacing finger over control over liquid flow for spillproof drinking incontrol button; spillproof. No-Tip Base available. opening in cap controls flow. 6/pk.bed.Holds 8 oz.PlasticDishwasher-safeClearHolds 8 oz.PlasticDishwasher-safeClear Holds 8 oz.PlasticDishwasher-safe#8141CUP$17.35 ea #889296/pk$41.75 pk ($6.96 ea)#88772$19.50 ea #81412020/cs$130.75 cs ($6.54 ea) #81433030/cs$181.00 cs ($6.03 ea)California residents, see left page. #745440*NO-TIP BASE$16.58 ea #745440*NO-TIP BASE$16.58 ea*Not shown.*Not shown. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.91"