b'The right kit forACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGyour patients needsFully Stocked KitsStandardBEST ADL/Hip Kits include all the bathingn Everything needed for post-op SELLER! Round Scrub Palsand dressing equipment your patients need to maximize independence andHip KitsThe ADL items most often safety after surgery or hospitalization.recommended by therapists forStandard Kits include the items therapistsrecovering hip surgery patients. Contains 26"L most commonly recommend after hipAliReach Plus Reacher, 161/4"L Hook-End Plastic replacement surgery. We also offer kitsShoehorn, 17"L Round Scrub Pals, DressingReacherthat are tailored to unique patient needs,Stick, No-Tie Shoelaces (1 pr), and Sock Aid with or more economical when cost is the keytwo cords and foam handles. factor. ITEM #QTYPRICE ShoehornStandard Kits include everything for #89211$35.25 kitNo-Tiepost-operative needs. #89211010$256.75 cs ($25.68 kit) Shoelaces#89212525$590.00 cs ($23.60 kit)Deluxe Kits include premium products Additional shipping charges may apply.Dressing Stickwith options that are extra-wide or longer California residents, see left page.for larger-sized patients. Sock AidEconomy Kits are a good value for hipor knee recovery. EconomyDeluxe Elastic Shoelaces Mesh Carrying DressingBagStickSock AidSave with a basic ADL KitHourglass HourglassScrub Pals FAX800.437.2966Scrub PalsReacher Sock Aid ReacherShoehorn ShoehornDressing StickHourglassnGood value for hip or knee recovery n Options for extra wide and tall Reacher Shoehorn Scrub PalsEconomy Hip/Knee KitsFor patientsDeluxe Hip KitsEach kit contains: AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610recovering from total hip or knee replace mentAliReach Standard Reacher, Dressing Stick, ADL Kits make bathing and dressingsurgery. Includes five items to help the user remain17"L Hourglass Scrub Pals, Shoehorn, Sock Aid,easier for anyone with limited reach orindependent when bathing, dressing, and8 pairs of Elastic Shoelaces (4 Black, 4 White), and a mobility. Includes 26"L AliReach Plusaccomplishing other tasks. Contains 26"L or 32"LMesh Carrying Bag. See below for Reacher, Shoe- AliReach Standard Reacher, 161/4"L Hook-End Plastichorn, and Sock Aid sizes included with each kit.Reacher, 161/4"L Hook-End Plastic Shoehorn,and 17"L Hourglass Scrub Pals. Shoehorn, 17"L Hourglass Scrub Pals , DressingSize 1 for users 5\'7" or under, standard foot: 26"L Stick, and Sock Aid with two cords and foamReacher, 18"L Shoehorn, Standard Sock Aid #83015$22.75 kit handles. Bought individually, the 26"L kit would cost California residents, see left page. $68.25, and the 32"L kit would cost $71.00. Size 2 for users 5\'7" or under, wider foot: 26"L Reacher, 18"L Shoehorn, Extra-Wide Sock Aid ITEM #L*QTYPRICE Size 3 for users over 5\'8", standard foot: 32"L #80808 26" 1$30.80 kit Reacher, 24"L Shoehorn, Standard Sock Aid #808081026" 10$275.00 cs ($27.50 kit) Size 4 for users over 5\'8", wider foot: 32"L #808082526" 25$558.00 cs ($22.32 kit) Reacher, 24"L Shoehorn, Extra-Wide Sock Aid#80807 32" 1$30.00 kitTOILEVATOR#808071032"10$263.75 cs ($26.38 kit)ITEM #DESCRIPTIONPRICE#808072532"25$535.00 cs ($21.40 kit) #81929SIZE 1 $46.75 kitAliMed.com *Reacher length.#81932SIZE 2 $55.75 kitAdditional shipping charges may apply. #81928SIZE 3$47.75 kitCalifornia residents, see left page. #81931SIZE 4$57.75 kitCalifornia residents, see left page. 79'