b'Aphasia TherapyADULT SPEECH AND LANGUAGEThe Source for Aphasia Therapy, Lisa A. ArnoldThese 41 activities each include a goal, instructions, and compensatory strategies to help you individualize treatment. Detailed instructions for every task are provided. Use the compensatory strategies to adjust the task difficulty to your clients abilitiestheyll experience immediate success and build motivation. Functional activities are arranged in a hierarchy of difficulty within three sections: Receptive Language, Reading Comprehension, and Expressive Language.183 pages, softcover#83340$138.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.More Descripto-Cards for Adult Aphasia, Developed by Edna Carter Young from work by Carolyn Weiner and Rachel T. Cartwright Expands functional vocabulary with 160 photo, word,WALC 1 Aphasia Rehab, Kathryn J. Tomlinphrase, and sentence cards. Stimulates languageThese time-tested exercises train the underlying at five levels of difficulty. Clients can practiceprocesses of language with tasks that gradually simple and complex sentences. Suppliesprogress in difficulty. Written in the best-selling suggestions for auditory-visual, verbal, and graphicformat of the WALC series, these activities tasks. The 60 full-color photos of commonobjectshave an easy-to-read format, simple, concise help the client to listen, label, repeat, identify,language, application to a wide range of acquired recall, match, generalize, and categorize.language disorders, and consistent progression of Contains: 60 full-color 6" x 4" photos, 100 vocabularycomplexity within and between tasks. Activities cards, tabbed divider cards, and storage box are organized by five skill areas: Matching and #81560$102.00 set Identification, Following Commands, Vocabulary, California residents, see left page. Answering Questions, and Functional Language. Answer key contained in manual.222 pages, softcover#83332$73.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966Problem-Solving Photo Scenes,Mary Pitti and Elizabeth BegleyImproves recall, problem-solving,AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610and reasoning skills with realistic Advanced Descripto-Cards, Developed byphoto scenes and question prompts. Edna Carter Young from work by Carolyn WeinerThese 75 realistic full-color photo and Rachel T. Cartwright Advanced versionscenes represent situations clients face with more cards and levels, targeting functionalevery day. The problems depicted communication for adult clients with aphasia.are those found in the home and Reintroduce functional vocabulary using 187 colorcommunity along with safety-and 20 black-and-white photo cards offamiliarspecific situations. Five easy-to-use objects and sequences. Seven levels of stimulationcritical thinking questions printed on include single-object photos, object and location,the reverse of each photo card vary in object and action, object and complex location,difficulty, making them useful for a variety sequencing cards, reasoning, and problem-solving.of clients. These questions prompt clients Each level has suggested accuracy goals and 26to identify problems, consider alternatives, record-keeping forms.determine solutions, and describe how the Contains: 60-page manual, 187 full-color photo cards, problem relates to their life experiences.20 black-and-white photos, 89 vocabulary cards, Contains: 75 full-color 5" x 7" photo cards,13 reproducible record-keeping sheets, tabbed divider4 reproducible record forms, and storage boxcards, and storage box #83102$75.00 set#81558$203.75 set California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.5'