b'Oral Motor Therapy PEDIATRIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGENew teaching manuals from Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLPan expert in myofunctional therapyprovide everything you need to re-train abnormal swallowing patterns in clients.The Key to Carryover:Swalloworks TherapyThe Myofunctional Change Oral Postures toProgramFourthEvaluation, Char BoshartFortify SpeechEdition, Char Boshart Comprehensive guidebook Production, Char Boshart Provides a step-by-stepfor evaluating oral Centering on the tongue whenprocess to change amyofunctional disorders. it is at rest, this easy-to-teachhorizontal, tongue thrustProvides the means to action plan provides fullswallow into a vertical,expertly investigate all the analysis, interpretation, andmore efficient swallow.applicable parts and pieces numerous sequential activitiesIncludes seven chaptersthat support the oral stage to instill new oral restingof practical informationof swallowing and postures for correct and consistent speechand how to implement oralcapability elements behind it. Gives a logical and productions. Applied with other therapy, it is basedactivities; 12 detailed, child-friendly lessons;well-organized sequence to follow, all the pertinent on one critical principle: where the tongue rests isinstructions and advancement criteria; numerousquestions to ask, and the rationale behind each where it speaks. Central action plans have manyswallowing habituation tasks; and reproduciblecomponent. Helps assess the oral resting posture, personalizing options. Facilitates successfulsupport materials. habits, oral facial hard tissue, soft tissue, etc. generation of desirable speech soundsin115 pages, softcover Reproducible forms include client questionnaire, isolation, words, sentences, and conversationalcomprehensive oral facial exam, and swallow speaking. #83463$59.95 ea comparisons.111 pages, softcover California residents, see left page. 88 pages, softcover #83465$29.95 ea #83464$48.95 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.KnobbySuper Chew,Super Chew, ChewyTubesTubesGreen Red Chewy Tubes These innovative oral motorKnobby TubesUse these chewy tubes with devices give a resilient, non-food chewable surfacechildren who need increased tactile stimulation. FAX800.437.2966for developing and practicing biting and chewingSmall stem has raised dots and vivid green skills. The tube is presented laterally into thecolor. 6/pk.mouth. The stem of the tube is touched to the#82202$132.00 pk cutting surface of the molar teeth or gum. All haveSwallow Right, Roberta B. PierceEffective safe, nontoxic surfaces, are latex- and lead-free,California residents, see left page. activities to correct swallowing disorders. Up-to-and have no PVC or phthalates. Clean with mildSuper Chews provide even more tools fordate 12-lesson program meets ASHAs guidelines soap and water.developing and practicing biting and chewingfor evaluation and treatment of oral myofunctionalAliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610disorders. Clearly organized activities encourage Package contains: six lemon yellow tubes with smallskills. Available in two forms: Smooth Green and stem size, six cherry red tubes with wider stem size, andTextured Red surface. Chews have a closed loopeffective treatment in small groups, individual instruction bookNot made with natural rubber latex handle for easy grasping and a solid stem thattherapy, and home carryover. Covers theory, #81701$132.00 pk prevents saliva collection. 6/pk. treatment, and tracking charts and three important California residents, see left page. stages: training muscles to develop movement #82754SMOOTH GREEN$45.75 pk patterns, teaching to swallow correctly, and #82755TEXTURED RED$46.75 pk habituating correct rest posture and swallowing California residents, see left page. patterns. Great for post-intubation therapy.141 pages, softcover, wire bindingChewy Tubes Ps and Qs Smooth and#81621$54.75 easolid surface for practicing biting and chewingCalifornia residents, see left page.skills. Q is wide enough for bilateral chewing activities. P is easy to grasp by small fingers or for those with low muscle tone. Stimulates lateral tongue exploration. Knobby Qs have raised bumps along the bitable circle for more stimulation and slightly firmer surface. Safe nontoxic surface,TonguePRESS latex- and lead-free, no PVC or phthalates. p. 25#82989*Ps AND Qs, 3 pk/set$29.75 set#82988KNOBBY Q, 6/pk$43.75 pk*Set of 3 packs, each pack contains 1 P and 1 Q. California residents, see left page. 63'