b'SSoocckkaannddSSttoocckkiinnggAAiiddssACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGPut on socks independentlyCord LoopA.2 Cords w/FoamB.Adhesive foam padgrips top of sock tohelp pull it on C.Loop w/Foamn Foldable, lightweight,extends for long socks and bootsTravel Sock AidsFoldable, lightweight nylon with plastic support and loop handle extends forGarter long socks and boots. Compact, light, and durable. clips for one-#8203$25.75 ea handed California residents, see left page. Inside useOutsiden One- or two-handed use Extra-wide Sock/Stocking Aids enable users to easilyoptionput on socks without assistance. Adhesive foam pad grips top of sock to help pull sock fully intoD.position. Choose the continuous Loop with FoamX-Wide Bariatrichandle and garter clips for one-handed use, the nTerrycloth outer, silky interior pair of 24"L Cords with Foam handles for two-handed use, or the X-Wide model with continuous Flex-On Sock and Stocking Aids help peopleloop. Suitable for donning TEDS stockings. with limited reach put on socks. Terrycloth-covered24"L cordStandard width: 4"W x 9 12 "L flexible plastic design with silky blue interior keeps X-Wide: 5"W x 10"Lsocks in place without garter clips. Great for two-DESCRIPTIONITEM #PRICEITEM #QTYPRICE handed use.A.CORD LOOP#80417$17.25 ea#80417044$47.75 pk ($11.94 ea)5 34 "W x 9"L B.2 CORDS w/FOAM#8208$18.25 ea#8208044$47.75 pk ($11.94 ea)#8214SOCK AND STOCKING AID $25.95 ea#82081515$124.00 cs($8.27 ea) #82141010/cs$196.32 cs ($19.63 ea) C.LOOP w/FOAM#8207$19.75 ea#82071010$107.75 cs ($10.78 ea)FAX800.437.2966California residents, see left page. D.X-WIDE (BARIATRIC)#77816$27.75 ea #778161010$197.75 cs ($19.78 ea)California residents, see left page.Ezy-On Short AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Ezy-On TallnLightweight, ideal for travelVenoTrain gliderPractical donning aid made ofn Choice of Short or Tallsilicone-coated polyamide for easy gliding of anyEzy-On Wire Stocking AidsVersatile stockingn Handles help foot positioningtype of medical compression stocking over your leg aid helps to don stockings and compression hose (or arm). Light, stable, and tear-resistant. Reusablesimply and evenly, and is great for putting on socksEzy Sock HelpersGreat for compression and ideal for traveling. too. For use by patients and caregivers. Available instockings. Helps user put on socks and hose. Short or Tall. Sock is stretched over metal column, then foot #26101004500000$24.25 ea Short: 10"HTall: 14"H is slipped into sock using handles for p ositioning.California residents, see left page. #83183SHORT$32.00 ea Sturdy steel with smooth plastic coatingMore Sock Aids at #83184TALL$46.75 ea #80783$55.62 eaAliMed.com/dressing-aids California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.MORE DONNING AIDSP. 82 81'