b'Cognitive Assessment COGNITIVE REHAB/BRAIN INJURYRevised! BEST SELLER!Cognitive Performance Test (CPT),Theressa BurnsA standardized assessment of functional cognition to measure and track severity by means of baseline and serial assessment. Examines cognitive integration with functioning in an IADL-environmental context and ratesScale of Cognitive and Communicative Ability for Neurorehabilitation (SCCAN),executive processing across seven subtasks,Lisa Milman and Audrey HollandAppropriate for a broad range of clients with neurocognitive and such as sorting meds, shopping, washing hands,communicative impairment. Determines the severity of impairment, helps establish appropriate etc., for an average score. Used to explain andtreatment goals, and helps draft treatment plans. Contents relate to adult daily activities. The eight predict capacity to function in various contextsscales cover oral expression, orientation, memory, speech comprehension, reading comprehension, and guide intervention plans. The revised manualwriting, attention, and problem-solving. Can be administered in 30 minutes. uses the latest advances in cognitive neuroscience to include administration protocols and props,Contains: examiners manual, stimulus book, 25 record booklets, 25 written response booklets, andtask analyses for each subtask and easier-to-use25 summary forms in a sturdy storage boxprotocols, profiles for evidence-based intervention,#83035$403.00 kita documentation template and billing code, and aCalifornia residents, see left page.reference list of empirical studies published from 1990 thru 2018. Contains: instructions, record forms, and testing materials#83442 $815.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.BilingualFAX800.437.2966versionavailableExpressive One-Word Picture VocabularyRoss Information Processing Assessment TestFourth Edition, Nancy A. Martin and (RIPA-2)Second Edition, Deborah Ross- Rick BrownellTests how well a client can name SwainQuantifies cognitive-linguistic deficits, AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610(in English) the objects, actions, or conceptsdetermines severity levels for each skill area, presented in full-color pictures. The 190 items and develops rehabilitation goals and objectives. Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabularyare presented in developmental sequence thatShows quantifiable data for profiling 10 key areas TestFourth Edition, Nancy A. Martin and reflects current concepts experienced throughbasic to communicative and cognitive functioning. Rick BrownellAn individually administered, home, school, or media. It retains the use ofTest items have proven to be unbiased to age norm-referenced assessment of how well a prompts and cues (shown on the Record Form) or gender. Includes severity levels and treatment client can match a word that is heard (into make sure examiners attend to the relevantgoal development in immediate memory, recent English) to objects, actions, or conceptsaspects of each illustration. Age-related startingmemory, temporal orientation (recent and remote), presented in full-color pictures. This multiple- points and ceilings (number of errors) ensure information recall, environment orientation, choice format test consists of 190 items presentedthat only a subset of items is administered. Test organization, spatial orientation, problem-solving/in a develop mental sequence of conceptsis untimed and can be given in about 20 minutes.reasoning, and auditory processing. reflected in home, school, or media. Age-relatedScoring is easy and takes less than 5 minutes, Contains: examiners manual, 25 record forms, 25 starting points and ceilings (set number of errors)with raw scores reported as standard score, andprofile summary formsensure that only a subset of items (the criticalpercentile ranks. The Spanish-Bilingual Edition#80186RIPA-2$269.75 kitrange) is admin is tered. Test is untimed but cancan be administered in either Spanish or English#83083RECORD FORMS, 25/pk$104.75 pkbe administered in about 20 minutes; scoring isor both languages, and the client is given the easy and takes about 5 minutes, with raw scoresopportunity to respond in either language.California residents, see left page.reported as standard score, and percentile ranks. Contains: examiners manual, test plates, and 25 record Contains: examiners manual, test plates, forms25 record forms #83005EOWPVT-4 ENGLISH$219.75 kit#83006$242.75 kit #83 038EOWPVT-4 BILINGUAL$216.75 kitRIPA-Geriatric: 2p. 47California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 27'