b'Phonological AidsCOMMUNICATIONBEST SELLER!Ergonomic designListed cmH 2 O pressure for improved gripper dial settingStronger mouth sealInspiratory andexpiratory settingsoperate independentlyEasy to useand cleanVoice Images Warm-up exercises andInhalemirror combo helps clients maximize time andsettingsencourages independent practice outside of therapy by individualizing the number of repetitions for each exercise, number of practice sessionsExhale per day, and length of practice session. Twelvesettingsbasic warm-up exercises (illustrated and described around the mirror) target relaxation, as well asThe Breather 1.1Redesigned and easier to use, this muscle trainer effectively uses Resistive correct breath support and control. Each packageBreathing Training (RBT) to rebuild strength in both inspiratory and expiratory muscles of the neck includes a master chart to copy graph progress.and throat. Respiratory muscles, like other muscles, can weaken from prolonged illness, aging, Suggestions for use and additional exercises areand neuromuscular diseases. The Breather 1.1 teaches diaphragmatic breathing to improve breath also provided.support, producing positive results in clients cough effort, speech training, and swallow safety. Contains: 10 practice sheets, graph Unique, ergonomic handheld tool provides separate, easier-to-use settings to strengthen both #81856$35.75 pk inhalation and exhalation. Use with metered-dose inhalers, nebulizers, and breathing or speaking California residents, see left page. valves. Improves breath support in speech and respiratory. Great for post-intubation therapy.1 18 "W x 5 116 "L x 1 78 "HDishwasher-safe, top rack#82874$42.50 ea California residents, see left page.22 mm connector0-60 manometerFAX800.437.2966with tubingOrganized AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610by sound MouthpiecePhoto Articulation LibraryA comprehensive collection of stimulus photos organized by soundRespiratory Muscle Trainer (RMT) for any learning activity. Includes 1,085 real-lifeAccessories Kit Includes the components photos with target words arranged by consonants,needed to turn The Breather 1.1 muscle trainer consonant clusters, vowels and diphthongs, and(above) into a feedback device for enhanced positions of sounds in words. Three boxes ofperformance. Kit includes a mouthpiece, 22 mm photos, each containing more than 350 cards, coverSound Stories for Adults, Katie Schwartz,connector, tubing (with replacement tubing), a huge range of sounds. Boxes are developmentallyClaudia Strauss, Cheryl GrossThis new editionand a 0-60 manometer. All are single-client use sequenced, with Set I using easier sounds andhas stories on additional sounds often needed byand not made with natural rubber latex. Simply moving to more difficult ones in Sets II and III.clients from specific languages. Stories includeremove the mouthpiece from The Breather and Dividers in each box specify the target sound inthe popular vowel-r sounds (such as er), morereplace it with the blue 15-22 mm adapter included each section, and words are grouped according tostories on final th, as well as th and s and with the device. Then attach the connector, tubing, the position of the target phonemeinitial, medial,t and th in the same word. Other new storiesmanometer, and mouthpiece. You are now ready and final. Photos cover 27 categories including:include b and v and v and f in the same word,to begin some targeted training. The manometer actions, communication, events, games/toys,w and v in consecutive words, and more. Givesdoes not need to be used every session, but if occupations, space, and transportation. tongues a real workout and lots of practice withused periodically during respiratory muscle training, Contains: 3 boxes of 3" x 5" cards with dividers, wordcorrect pronunciation! Great for telepractice. it can help guide resistance levels and provide lists per box 195 pages, softcover, spiral binding feedback. Great for post-intubation therapy.#83307$411.00 set #888707$56.75 ea #83416$38.75 kitCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 43'