b'Susan Howell Brubaker MaterialsADULT SPEECH AND LANGUAGENew targetpopulation!Sourcebook for Receptive and Expressive Language Functioning Complex Challenges for Cognition, Susan Howell Brubaker, Carolyn Thousands of stimulus questions that cross all areas of language functioningDoty, and Lisa MammoserA collection of mid- to high-level visually based at all levels of difficulty that can be used all day. Has color-coded sectionsChallenges on large four-color card stock. The directions are on one side and covering six diagnostic target areas for receptive language and six forthe activities for those directions are on the other side. Client must retain expressive language. Special dividers provide screening probes for graduatedand apply information to complete the tasks. The Challenges incorporate levels of difficulty to diagnose breakdowns either within a target area or working memory and attention while addressing skills such as visual scanning, across areas.word retrieval, math, and reading. Appropriate for adolescents and adults 328 pages, hardcover, tabbed dividers, and flat binding experiencing cognitive deficits. Each Challenge is unique, easily adaptable, engaging, and fun. #82451$134.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Contains: 33 cards (8" x 11"), clinician guide, answer key, and carrying case#83386$140.75 setCalifornia residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Complex Challenges for Comprehension, Susan Howell Brubaker,Workbook for AphasiaThirdBasic Level Workbook for Carolyn Doty, and Lisa MammoserUnique collection of mid- to high-levelEdition For clients with mild-to- AphasiaSecond Editionreading tasks targets functional reading, deductive reasoning, sequencing,moderate language and cognitiveLarge assortment of low-level drills and following directions for clients with reading and auditory comprehensiondeficits. The comprehensive ninefor clients with limited or emerging challenges. Reading tasks are adaptable to listening tasks; pages with eartarget areas offer a diverse range ofreading skills. Large, readable type icon are appropriate for auditory stimulation. Includes 40 one-, two-, and three- adaptable exercises that can be usedwith adult-level vocabulary and page comprehension tasks in easy-to-read format with directions and spaceas stimuli or drill items for individualdiverse activities. The seven target for answers. Client identifies strategies most helpful for the task, and thensessions, group interactions, orareas are a great starting point that completes task. Tasks can be completed multiple times while measuring andindependent use.requires no spelling or writing ability. evaluating outcomes. User log and answer key provided. Challenges higher- 500 pages, color tabbed dividers,394 pages, color tabbed dividers, and level reading skills and use of internal and external strategies. Also use foranswer key, and 3-ring binder 3-ring binderstroke and TBI treatment for aphasia, language skills, cognition, and memory. #82248$122.75 ea #80152$122.75 ea70 pages, softcover California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.#83461$95.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.11'