b'Lip PlatesHi-Sided PlatesACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGRed dishes help improve food intakeLight BlueA. B.n Rimmed and extra deep SpeckleInner Lip PlatesExtra-deep, with top rim. Plastic only. Available in Off-White and Light Blue Speckle.9" diameterDishwasher- and microwave-safe#8127OFF-WHITE$16.79 ea#81273030/cs$175.75 cs ($5.86 ea)#745311LIGHT BLUE SPECKLE$15.68 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. C. D.n High-contrast red for Alzheimer\'s Assistive Dining Plates helpE.promote patient independence or low-vision patients and provide a more enjoyable Redware Inner Lip Plates offer high contrastdining experience by reducing the between food and plate. Effective for users challenges of eating and increasing with Alzheimer\'s or low vision. Lip helps reducemeal intake. The high-contrast background of food spillover.Red Dinnerware makes food more visible and visually appealing, helping to improve foodTranslucent Lids (sold separately below) 9" diameterDishwasher- and microwave-safe intake.provide temperature control and quick #82786$19.58 ea 3-Compartment Divided Plates convenientlyidentification of foods. California residents, see left page. keep foods separated while Inner Lip PlatesPolycarbonate constructionFreezer-, microwave-, keep food contained and help prevent spills,dishwasher-safeMade in the USAHigh-Sided which can cause slips. High-Sided ScoopScoop: 1 13 "-2"H sides x 8 34 " diam.Hi-Sided Plate: Dishes and Hi-Sided Plates assist in sliding1 34 "H sides x 7 34 " diam.; "-thick outer lipInner food onto utensils for patients with decreasedLip/3-Compartment: 1 13 "H sides x 8 34 " diam.motor skills or use of only one hand, and the Translucent Lid: 1"H sides x 9" diam.PlasticFAX800.437.2966outer lip makes the plate easier to grasp. Nonslip bottoms. Available in Red or White.n Partitioned with high sides ASSISTIVE DINING PLATESPartitioned PlatesPartitioned. Extra-deep, WHITE QTYPRICE RED QTYPRICEwith top rim.A.3-COMPARTMENT DIVIDED PLATE8 34 " diameterVertical-sided34 "-high dividers #831871$10.75 ea #831921$11.25 ea nStackable, easy to transport AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610 Dishwasher-safeWhite melamine#83187066/pk$47.75 pk ($7.96 ea)#83192066/pk$47.75 pk ($7.96 ea)#8128PARTITIONED PLATE$14.25 ea #831871212/pk$80.75 pk ($6.73 ea)#831921212/pk$80.75 pk ($6.73 ea)#81282424/cs$141.00 cs ($5.88 ea) B.INNER LIP PLATE California residents, see left page. #831881$10.75#831931$10.75 ea#83188066/pk$47.75 pk ($7.96 ea)#83193066/pk$47.75 pk ($7.96 ea)#831881212/pk$80.75 pk ($6.73 ea)#831931212/pk$80.75 pk ($6.73 ea)C.HIGH-SIDED SCOOP DISH #831891$10.75 ea#831941$10.75 ea#83189066/pk$47.75 pk ($7.96 ea)#83194066/pk$47.75 pk ($7.96 ea)#831891212/pk$80.75 pk ($6.73 ea)#831941212/pk$80.75 pk ($6.73 ea)D.HI-SIDED PLATE #889233/pk$22.75 pk ($7.58 ea)#831633/pk$22.75 pk ($7.58 ea)Redware Partitioned Scoop Dishes w/LidE.TRANSLUCENT LIDS California residents, see left page. Stackable with clear plastic lids for easy transport(CLEAR, FITS ALL ALIMED DINING PLATES)and storage.#831901$9.75 ea Call! volume pricingThree 1"D compartments: two with 6.75-oz. capacity; 12 #83190066/pk$44.75 pk ($7.46 ea)one with 12.5-oz. capacity8 14 " diameterDishwasher-#831901212/pk$77.75 pk ($6.48 ea)and microwave-safe California residents, see left page.#82785$23.53 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. 89'