b'Treatment 22 mm connector0-60 manometerwith tubing BEST SELLER!DYSPHAGIAErgonomic designListed cmH 2 O pressure for improved gripper dial settingMouthpieceStronger mouth seal Inspiratory andRespiratory Muscle Trainer (RMT)expiratory settingsAccessories Kit Includes the componentsoperate independentlyneeded to turn The Breather 1.1 muscle trainer (at right) into a feedback device for enhancedEasy to use Inhaleperformance. Kit includes a mouthpiece, 22 mmand clean settingsconnector, tubing (with replacement tubing), and a 0-60 manometer. All are single-client use and not made with natural rubber latex. SimplyExhale remove the mouthpiece from The Breather andsettingsreplace it with the blue 15-22 mm adapter included with the device. Then attach the connector, tubing, manometer, and mouthpiece. You are now readyThe Breather 1.1Redesigned for easier use, this muscle trainer effectively uses Resistive to begin some targeted training. The manometerBreathing Training (RBT) to rebuild strength in both inspiratory and expiratory muscles of the neck does not need to be used every session, but if usedand throat. Respiratory muscles, like other muscles, can weaken from prolonged illness, aging, periodically during respiratory muscle training, it canand neuromuscular diseases. The Breather 1.1 teaches diaphragmatic breathing to improve breath help guide resistance levels and provide feedback. support, producing positive results in clients cough effort, speech training, and swallow safety. Great for post-intubation therapy. Unique, ergonomic handheld tool provides separate, easier-to-use settings to strengthen both #83416$38.75 kit inhalation and exhalation. Use with metered-dose inhalers, nebulizers, and breathing or speaking California residents, see left page. valves. Improves breath support in speech and respiratory. Great for post-intubation therapy.1 18 "W x 5 116 "L x 1 78 "HDishwasher-safe, top rackNew#82874$42.50 ea Edition California residents, see left page.The Source forDysphagiaFourthEdition, Nancy B.SwigertThis best-sellingbook is a practicalFAX800.437.2966resource that gives you an evidence-based, working knowledge ofthe evaluation and treatment of dysphagia plus tools to organize your dysphagia services. ProvidesAlso in current information about evaluation and treatment,Spanishwith particular attention to updating evidence forAliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610treatment techniques. Significant revisions include:Additional information about what to know before evaluating a clientValidated screening tools and screeningSwallow Right, Roberta PierceEffectiveSwallowing Images ChartsSwallowing different populations activities to correct swallowing disorders. Up-to- exercises and mirror all on one chart! Helps Streamlined clinical swallow evaluation date 12-lesson program meets ASHAs guidelinesmaximize client-family understanding and Helpful chart for interpreting findings on for evaluation and treatment of oral myofunc- compliance with the treatment program. Each set VSS and FEES tional disorders. The clearly organized activitiesreinforces swallowing exercises and encourages Revised long-term and short-term goals and encourage effective treatment in small groups,strengthening of the specific muscle groups used treatment objectives based on currentindividual therapy, and home carryover. Thein swallowing. Nine illustrated exercises with evidencecomplete program covers theory, treatment, andeasy-to-readdescriptions placed around an acrylic Decision making and ethical challengestracking charts. Covers three important stages:mirror. Back of card includes general suggestions encountered with the end of life, and antraining muscles to develop movement patterns,and space for individual instructions. Great for updated reference list and reference listteaching to swallow correctly, and habituatingpost-intubation therapy. 10/pk. organized by treatment technique correct rest posture and swallowing patterns. 8 12 "W x 11"H3"W x 4"H mirrorColored, heavy stockGreat for post-intubation therapy.Comes with online access to additional printable#8817SWALLOWING IMAGES$38.75 pkpages of therapy materials, patient/family141 pages, wire binding #88841001SWALLOWING IMAGES, SPANISH educational materials, and evaluation forms. #81621$90.00 ea $36.75 pk256 pages, softcover California residents, see left page. #81658SWALLOWING IMAGES 2$35.75 pk#88841101SWALLOWING IMAGES 2, SPANISH #83446$80.00 ea$35.75 pkCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 17'