b'Communication AidsACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGScroll ringn Use with any Mac or PC SpeakerExpert Mouse 5.0 has a large trackball, precise control, and smooth movement. Now optical with scroll ring and wrist rest. Move ball with palm or hand in an open, relaxed position. Space-saving footprint.USBCompatible with Mac and PCMouse: 10"W x 934"L x 3"HWrist support: 4"W x 534"L#77920$151.75 ea n Even attaches to your TV or radioCalifornia residents, see left page. Regular andPersonal AmplifiersCompact personal Large-Key Keyboards amplifier with clear, high-quality sound eliminates the need for loud talking or constant repetition. n Easy-to-use speech generator Unlike regular hearing aids that amplify all sound including background noise, the 20dB high-n AdjustableTextSpeak The worlds first speech generator frequency boost and the 25dB SPL high-volume diameter in a 4"W x 5"L package is even better! It nowoutput on the Personal Amplifier helps you zero comes with male and female voices and in Englishin on a conversation. Even attaches to your TV or Weightedand Spanishall in one. Its simple, completelyradio with included clip to hear programs clearly. Universal Holders slip onto pens, pencils,portable, and affordable. Ready to use right outNot made with natural rubber latex.markers, paint brushes, and more.of the boxsimple directions to easily selectIncludes headphones, carrying case, belt clip, plug-Diameter is variable from18 " to716 "Comes with Allenthe voice and language you want and save it.mount microphone, TV listening cord, and two AA wrench for adjustmentCan be changed as often as necessary. Greatbatteries for up to 100 hours of operationfor temporary or long-term needs. The intelligent#70606$234.75 ea#80867$30.75 ea text-generating speaker and keyboard can create California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. speech anywhere. Just type and press ENTER and it talks for you! Generates unlimited vocabulary speech and can hold up to 30 programmable phrases. Instantly on. Also available with a wireless Large-Key Keyboard. Includes: full keyboard, speech generator speaker, and manual#82963REGULAR KEYBOARD$720.00 ea No restriction of motion#82964LARGE-KEY KEYBOARD$823.00 eaFAX800.437.2966California residents, see left page.n Stand eliminates head tilt Allows unobstructed Read/Write Stands reduce fatigue byview of keyboardeliminating head tilt. Lessens glare on papernUnrestricted comfort and support with two angles of adjustment25 and 30. 1" AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610acrylic lip holds papers, thick books, etc. EasilyErgoRest Articulating Arm Supports offer removes from desk when not in use.comfortable arm, shoulder, and neck support 19 58 "W x 11 34 "L without restricting motion. Reduces stressful movements, assisting patients with upper body #73746$53.75 ea weakness. Includes clamps for work surfaces up California residents, see left page. to 1 58 " thick and provides 17" of reach and 3" of vertical adjustment. Mouse Pad (sold separately below) mounts to your existing ErgoRest and n Oversized gripoffers two pivot points for maximum flexibility.reduces tremors nPadded9" x 7 12 " oval mousing area.typing aid #73101w/STANDARD ARM PAD, 51 8 "L$154.00 eaWeighted Pens #73102w/LONG ARM PAD, 77 8 "L$168.75 ea Help reduce tremors,Clear View Typing Aids* fit securely and#710124w/EXTENDED HEIGHT, STANDARDallowing you to writeoffer an unobstructed view of the keyboard.ARM PAD, 51 8 "L$166.75 ea more legibly. OversizedPadding protects hands. Can be used by those with#710125w/EXTENDED HEIGHT, LONGgrip. Five 10-gramfinger contractures that interfere with devices wornARM PAD, 77 8 "L$173.00 ea weights (included) canon palmar surface of hand. Easily adjusts to t.#73103MOUSE PAD$48.75 eabe added or r emoved.#8661LEFT$20.75 ea#73104*WIDE CLAMP FOR ARM SUPPORT$26.75 eaUses standard refills #8662RIGHT$20.75 ea*Wide clamps attach to work surfaces up to 21 2 " thick. #8632$69.50 ea *Developed by S. OLeary, M.S., OTR, Department California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. of Veterans Affairs, Spinal Cord Injury Service,Palo Alto, CA. California residents, see left page. 99'