b'Critical Communicator COMMUNICATIONCritical Communicator Assists with staff and family interactionswith all clients. Helps meet mandated communication guidelines. Helpful for thosewho have temporary difficulty communicating even basicneeds. Includes a pain scaleof words and pictures for now (immediate attention, such as hard to breathe); pain (ache, burning, sharp); comfort (head up/down); as well as people (husband, wife, doctor); alphabet, Boldly printed on heavy 18languagesnumbers, and days of week.Inexpensive, disposablecard stock Available in8 12 "W x 11"H four-pagemenu format CRITICAL COMMUNICATORAlso available: AVAILABLE IN 18 LANGUAGES30/pkFAX800.437.2966#82429ENGLISH$35.75 pk#82430SPANISH$35.75 pk10/pk#8881700210ARABIC$29.75 pk#8881700310CHINESE$29.75 pk#8881700410FRENCH$29.75 pk#8881700510FARSI$29.75 pk AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610#8881700610GREEK$29.75 pk#8881700910HINDI$29.75 pk#8881701010HMONG/LAOTIAN$29.75 pk#8881701110ITALIAN$29.75 pk#8881701310JAPANESE$29.75 pk#8881701410KOREAN$29.75 pk#8881701510POLISH$29.75 pk Critical Communicator for KidsNewly designed cards have child-friendly pictures and #8881701710ROMANIAN$29.75 pk vocabulary encompassing food, medical needs, and toys, as well as a pain scale that facilitates #8881701610RUSSIAN$29.75 pk providing for the immediate comfort and personal needs of children in critical care situationsin both #8881701810TURKISH$29.75 pk English or Spanish. Also includes pictures that relate to the alphabet; the clock and times of day; days #8881701910TAGALOG/FILIPINO$29.75 pk of the week; and popular activities. Assist staff and family interactions with children who may need #8881702010VIETNAMESE$29.75 pk help communicating on a temporary basis, such as in post-surgery areas, emergency rooms, and California residents, see left page. intensive care, trauma, or specialized units. These inexpensive cards are printed on card stock in a menu format.18-LANGUAGE PACK Four pagesBrightly colored30/pk#834181 CARD EACH$29.75 pk #82431ENGLISH$39.75 pkCalifornia residents, see left page. #82432 SPANISH$41.75 pkCalifornia residents, see left page.39'