b'Therapy Tools TheraSIP Swallowing Exerciser, DYSPHAGIA Kathleen SmeadThe only tool that uses resistance exercise and also acts as an incentive device. This unique new system is an easy-to-use tool to strengthen the weakened swallow. Using micro-resistance straws and a measuring cylinder, the client is instructed to make an effortful suck, press the tongue tip firmly against the ridge behind the top teeth, and swallow using an effortful swallow. The micro-resistance straws only allow trace amounts of water to be generated per swallow. As the amount of water drawn increases, smaller, more difficult resistance straws are introduced, progressing the exercises in difficulty. This neuromuscular resistance exerciser is designed to promote repetitive swallowing practice outside of treatment and to keep clients on thin liquids. Works excellently in conjunction with NMES.TheraSIP Professional Series (PS) Great for post-intubation therapy. Autoclavable Professional Series. This professional Contains: gauged cylinder with sliding guide toversion allows multiple-client use but includes one mark fluid levels, set of straws, measuring cup,TheraSIP Swallowing Exerciser for individual use.instructional manual, recording sheetsSingle- Contains: four stainless-steel microbe-resistant straws, client use only one TheraSIP Swallowing Exerciser for individual use, #82773$70.75 kit a 50-ml measuring cylinder, graduated cup, nose clip, California residents, see below. baseline measurement forms, instructional manual in a carrying case#82861$499.75 kitCalifornia residents, see below.BEST SELLER!FAX800.437.2966800.225.2610AliMed.com/speechAbilex An innovative oral motor exerciser designed to aid in swallowing and speech therapy and to support rehabilitation of oral motor function. Supports function through lingual strength andSwallowMistA unique tool coordination training and sensory stimulation. Designed to provide sensory stimulation to encourageused to moisten the mouth. oral motor awareness. Intended to get the tongue and other swallowing components safelySimply fill with water, pump to accustomed to the sensation of a piece of food. Targets the tongue, lips, jaw, and mouth to helppressurize, and press the button improve swallowing function and oral control. Also used in the treatment of apraxia, dysarthria, andto mist water into the mouth. other conditions with oral motor deficits. Maintains flexibility and coordination of the tongue. BulbOne short press provides less simulates a piece of food to support safe practice of swallowing skills. Made from medical gradethan 1 ml of water; held down silicone rubber and is not made with natural rubber latex. Comes in convenient carrying case. longer will increase the amount #83417 $39.00 ea dispensed. This is effective for California residents, see below. clients with swallowing problems and especially for those who are designated as nothing-by-mouth. Provides a safe manner More Speech products available online! of practicing swallows since the fine mist will be comparable AliMed.com/speech to the amount of saliva in a dry swallow. For individual use only. Comes with instructions for use.California Proposition 65 Statement #83096$26.00 eaWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to theCalifornia residents, see at left.18 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'