b'Gel SheetingPadding MATERIALS AND TOOLSn Versatilecut or trim to sizeGel Dots and Squares 3 mm-thick ( 18 ") polymer gel for versatile protection against pressure and friction. Mineral oil in gel moisturizes skin, helps soften scars and skin grafts, and promotes healing for burns. Use as interface between skin and braces, splints, or n Relief fromfootwear. Can also be used for pressure- or friction-pressure and shear forces induced lesions such as blisters, corns, or calluses. Available in 1"-diameter Dots (15/sh) with self-adhesive Soft Shear Gel Sheeting Polymer gelbacking, 4" Squares with or without self-adhesive sheeting with mineral oil. Fabric lining featuresbacking, and 2 12 "- or 4"-diameter Non-Adhesive Disks.excellent stretch and can be glued into splints or orthotics. Fabric only on one side, allowing gel to#41018DOTS, SELF-ADHESIVE, 15/sh$20.00 shbe positioned against skin. Single-patient use.#410194" SQUARE, SELF-ADHESIVE, 2/pk$20.25 pk1 #410204" SQUARE, NON-ADHESIVE, 2/pk $21.00 pkSheet: 3 mm ( 8 ") thickWashable and reusable#4101521 2 " DISKS, NON-ADHESIVE, 2/pk $15.00 pkPolymerFabric #410164" DISKS, NON-ADHESIVE, 2/pk $20.00 pkGEL SHEETINGPADDINGgel California residents, see left page.#410218"W x 8"L$29.29 sh#4102212"W x 16"L$51.26 sh#4102316"W x 20"L$71.07 sh nOff-load pressure, absorb shock or shear forcesCalifornia residents, see left page.Visco-GEL Body Disks, Squares, and Dots off-load pressure and absorb shock or shear force anywhere on the body. Mineral oil moisturizes skin. Body Disks and Squares available with or without adhesive backing. Dots on a Sheet have pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Dots on a SheetBody Disks and Squares: 5 mm thickDots: 3 mm thick x25 mm diam. 4" Square, Adhesive-backed BODY DISKS AND SQUARES w/ADHESIVE, 2/PKn Reduces shock, impact, and vibration #6555921 2 " GEL DISK$19.75 pk#655554" GEL DISK$19.75 pkPressure Relief PaddingPolymer gel with#655574" GEL SQUARE$21.75 pkself-adhesive backing. 2-way stretch top cover. NON-ADHESIVE, 2/PKReplaces moleskin and felt. Ideal for lining splinting#6555821 2 " GEL DISK$18.75 pkmaterial, braces, prosthetics, and orthotics, and for FAX800.437.2966use as sports padding. Conforms to body contours#655544" GEL DISK$20.75 pkto eliminate abrasion, shear, and chafing. Single- #655564" GEL SQUARE$20.75 pkpatient use.DOTS ON A SHEET w/ADHESIVEPadding: 2 mm thick #65560GEL DOTS, 15/sh$17.75 sh 4" Disk, Adhesive-backedPolymerFabric California residents, see left page.gel Adhesive AliMed.com 800.225.2610#410174"W x 36"L$38.13 rl n Hook fastener applies to many surfaces#42368"W x 36"L$53.25 rlCalifornia residents, see left page. Visco-GEL Disks and Sheets with Hook Back DisksGel padding with hook fastener backing can be applied to many surfaces with fabric lining. Viscoelastic gel helps offload pressure and absorb shock and shear. Mineral oil in gel helps moisturize skin. 2/pk. 2 12 " DISKMalleolar#655933 mm THICK $22.00 pk SheetsGel Sleeves #655946 mm THICK $22.75 pkp. 634"W x 6"L SHEET#655953 mm THICK$31.07 pk#655966 mm THICK$32.00 pkCalifornia residents, see left page.99'