b'Uniform Plastazote Custom Top Covers Thinnernoupper layeras low as toe-box crampingINSOLESAliPlast Covered$ 4.Insoles 79prPlastazote InsolesAliPlast Uncovered InsolesnServe as a base for posting andmodificationsAliPlast Uncovered Insoles offerUrethane thickness pressure relief for entire plantar surface.gradually tapers in Self-molds to heel and metatarsal heads,the forefootDIABETICserving as a base for posting and modica-tions. In a few days of wear, AliPlast n Urethane base wont bottom outcompresses to delineate high-pressure areas.Duo/Laminate D-SolesInsolesIncrease their accommodative effectivenessThese unique insoles combine pressure-by adding a second layer if shoe size permits. Heat-mold for a customized fit. One size.distributing, moldable Plastazote with long-lasting, Easily trimmed to fit smaller sizes. 6 pr/pk. resilient, expanded urethane base for maximum1 14 "protection that wont bottom out. Plastazote, 8 "#6232WMNS$30.00 pk when used alone, continues to compress, reducing #6235MENS$30.00 pk cushioning at critical heel apex and metatarsal California residents, see left page. heads. Shaped heel cup provides superior cushioning and tapers from14 "-thick in back to a#62261 8 " THICK$34.99 prnMold quickly in response to 1 8 #62271 4 " THICK$34.99 prthinner " forefoot area to help avoid forefoot bearing weight restriction. Standard model has a uniform18 "Specify size.Plastazote sock liner. Thicker14 " model can beCalifornia residents, see left page.Plastazote Insoles are pinkheat-molded to foot before insertion into shoe or SIZEWMNS MENSPlastazote #1. Available in differentcan be used as is in extra-depth shoes. Heat in a thicknesses. One size. Easily trimmed to fit300F Convection Oven ( #70389 , see p. 84)A5-84-6smaller sizes. 6 pr/pk. approximately two minutes to soften for molding.B81 2 -1061 2 -81 C101 2 -1181 2 -10#6252WMNS,8 "$28.75 pk Sizing: All D-Soles are generously sized and intended to1 1#6255MENS, 1 8 "$28.75 pk be trimmed to exact shoe insole shape. See chart at right. D11 2 +10 2 +#6262WMNS, 3 16 "$29.75 pk#6265MENS, 3 16 "$29.75 pk#6272WMNS, 1 4 "$31.75 pk#6275MENS, 1 4 "$31.75 pk nStabilizing heel and moderate arch as low asCalifornia residents, see left page. $ 23.FREEDOMFull-Contact13FAX800.437.2966 prnLeather-like vinyl cover InsolesDeeply cupped AliPlastCovered InsolesSimilar tostabilizing heel and moderate AliPlast Uncovered Insoles (above), butlongitudinal arch combine for slightly thicker with a leather-like vinyl cover foroutstanding fit and relief. Resilient, more durabil ity. Heat-mold for a customized fit.compliant materials protect and One size. Easily trimmed to fit smaller sizes.accommodate insensitive andAliMed.com 800.225.2610hypersensitive feet. 532 " thick. 6 pr/pk. Top layer is a full " of 1 4#6242WMNS$45.75 pk LD45 Pink Plastazote, which #6245 MENS$45.75 pk has long been the preferred California residents, see left page. choice for moldable contact with the foot. Hypoallergenic Customize to any size FREE! and highly heat-moldable, thisSupportive basematerial does not support fungal or bacterial growth. Second full- SIZEWMNS MENSPR6/CSAliPlast and Plastazotelength mid-layer is1" PORON16 XS5-7 #64201#64211Insoles areavailable in Cushioning, which resists bottoming Large only but can be easilyout of upper Plastazote layer. BaseS8-96-7#64202#64212customized. Use templatesmaterial is a firm, supportive1"M10-118-9#64203#64213for sizing and trimming.ProCell EVA extending from4 L 10-11#64204#64214Request free templatesheel cup to just behind metatarsalXL 12-13#64205#64215(#6103) with your order. heads. Molds and holds toXXL 14-15#64206#64216give total contact for maximum$29.95 pr$138.75 cspressure distribution. California residents, see left page.13'