b'Lace-Up Ankle Braces ANKLE BRACES n Removable,PDACsemi-rigid stays APPROVEDFormfit AnkleLightweightBraces with Speedlace provide stability and protection for the ankle. Low-profile, comfortable quick-lace design fits easily intoUltralightshoes. Circumferential elastic cuff and figure-8 strapping offers inversion/eversion control, n Comfort band hugsstability, and compression that mimics athleticn Sewn-in arch support plantar fascia and arch for stability taping. Removable, semi-rigid stays provideUltralight and Lightweight Laced Ankle The One Ankle Braces help to preventadditional support. Fits left or right. BracesBoth models feature sewn-in archLACE-UP common ankle injuries and strains or to rehabSizing: Measure ankle circumference diagonally fromsupport and ventilated tongue. Ultralight model base of heel, across ankle bone, and over top of foot. inversion/eversion ankle sprains. Secure fit supports2XS, 9"-10"; XS, 10"-11"; S, 11"-12"; M, 12"-13"; L, 13"-14";has a nylon/vinyl padded shell and lace-up straps. ankle by slightly restricting awkward and irregularXL, 14"-15"; 2XL, 15"-16". Lightweight model has two layers of breathable movements to encourage healing. Figure-8#66785$29.75 ea polyester mesh fabric and spring-steel stays. Fits strapping provides adjustable compression andleft or right.tension. Exclusive comfort band hugs plantar fasciaSpecify size. California residents, see below. Sizing: XS, Wmns 7-8, Mens 6-7; S, Wmns 9-10, Mens 8-9; and arch for stability. Speed-lacing system givesSuggested code: L1902 M, Wmns 10-12, Mens 9-11; L, Wmns 12-14, Mens 11-13; a snug, comfortable fit. Breathable fabric reducesRemovable,XL, Wmns 15+, Mens 14+.moisture build-up. Ballistic nylon boot for durable,nBungee closurerigid#64073ULTRALIGHT$36.05 eabulk-free wear. Fits left or right. for one-handedstays #64072LIGHTWEIGHT$35.35 eaSizing: XXS, Wmns 4-6, Mens 3-5; XS, Wmns 6-8, MensSpecify size. California residents, see below.5-7; S, Wmns 8-10, Mens 7-9; M, Wmns 10-12, Mens 9-11; L,adjustments PDACWmns 12-14, Mens 11-13; XL, Wmns 14-16, Mens 13-15; XXL,Web Ankle Braces APPROVEDWmns 16-18, Mens 15-17; 3XL, Wmns 18-20, Mens 17-19. Bungee closure offers #67078$39.99 ea superior compression Specify size. California residents, see below. and allows one-handed adjust-ments. Removable, rigid medialn Internal strapping and lateral stays provide controlled restriction ofauto-adjusts duringinversion/eversion. Breathable, ballistic nylon shellmovementImproved! with spacer-material padding. Fits left or right. ATF 3 Ankle Braces feature Sizing: XS, Wmns 4-6, Mens 3-5; S, Wmns 7-9, Mens 6-7;a patented internal strapping system M, Wmns 10-11, Mens 8-10; L, Wmns 12-13, Mens 11-12; XL, Wmns 14-15, Mens 13-14. that self-adjusts to support the anterior PDAC #66369$35.00 ea talofibular ligament, protecting the ankle APPROVED from rolling without restricting jumping, speed, or Specify size. California residents, see below. agility. Re-engineered stabilizers give the ankle firm Suggested code: L1902 support while allowing full range of movement. FAX800.437.2966 n Dynamic figure-8 strapsComfort mesh vented fabric helps manage heat add tension as ankle moves and moisture. Improved lacing provides comfort n Support and protectionacross the top of the foot. Fits left or right.Hg80 Ankle Braces with StrapsUniquewithout the bulkiness Sizing: XS, Wmns 6-8, Mens 5-7; S, Wmns 8-10, Mens dynamic figure-8 straps add tension as the ankleSoft Ankle Braces with7-9; M, Wmns 10-12, Mens 9-11; L, Wmns 12-14, Mens moves. New lighter-weight brace with softer liner11-13; XL, Wmns 14-16, Mens 13-15; XXL, Wmns 16-18, and improved sleeve shape conforms better to footStrapsAttached stirrupMens 15-17. 800.225.2610AliMed.com and provides comfort in neutral or flexed positions.straps provide bilateral Shorter length allows the brace to fit in the "stirrup"support while the adjustable#67077$24.99 eaof the foot with no reduction in movement of thenon-stretch stabilizing strapsSpecify size. California residents, see below.foot. High-strength stitching creates a strong, long- imitate the effects of taping. lasting fit. Moisture-wicking HydraCinn fabric isSoft, black polyester material.nFour removable, neoprene-free. Permanently bonded antimicrobialFits left or right.flexible plastic staysbarrier protects against odor-causing bacteria,Sizing: XS, Wmns 7-8, Mens 6-7; S, Wmns 9-10, Mens 8-9; fungus, and other microorganisms. Fits left or right.M, Wmns 10-12, Mens 9-11; L, Wmns 12-14, Mens 11-13;Leather Lace-Up Ankle Not made with natural rubber latex. XL, Wmns 15+, Mens 14+. Immobilizers have four Sizing: XS, Wmns 7-8, Mens 6-7; S, Wmns 8-10, Mens 7-9;#64404XS$31.00 ea removable, flexible clear plastic M, Wmns 10-12, Mens 9-11; L, Wmns 12-14, Mens 11-13; #64405S$31.00 ea stays for support. Elk hide XL, Wmns 14-16, Mens 13-15. #64406M $31.00 ea leather adds durability. Fits left #66770$44.00 ea #64407L$31.00 ea or right.Specify size. California residents, see below. #64408XL$31.00 ea Sizing: Measure ankle circumference. S, 7"-8"; M, 8"-9"; Suggested code: L1902 California residents, see below. L, 9"-10"; XL, 10"-11".California Proposition 65 Statement #60665$47.38 eaWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. Specify size. California residents, see at left.60 MORE ANKLE BRACESPP. 57-59'