b'Support of a semi-rigid orthotic, cushioning feel of a soft insoleFREEDOM AccommodatorMaximizes INSOLESsemi-rigid PROWhether youHeel-Strike fabricate custom orthotics orFriction and Odor Control Protection dispense prefabricated orthotics,with the Accommodator semi-rigidwith antimicrobial-treated PORONtop coverPRO meets your needs. Customized orthoticsCushioning take time. In the interim, the Accommodatorin heel semi-rigid PRO offers a seamless transitionwindow from no support to customized support. If a customized orthotic is not necessarily indicated,Heel-to-Toe the Accommodator semi-rigid PRO is a neutralCushioningPronation orthotic that combines the control and supportwith breathableControl with of a semi-rigid orthotic with the cushioningfoam layer semi-rigid shell feel of a soft insole. Recommended for plantarand full arch fasciitis, peroneal tendonitis, pes planus, andsupport other foot and ankle conditions where supportExceptional 3 mix and match sizes Cushioning and ShockSEMI-RIGIDand control are indicated. Available in Full-Length or 4 -Length versions to fit a widerwithin a style for Absorption with variety of shoes. Full-Length insoles can bevolume discountsscissor-trimmed for a custom fit. expanded EVA base QTY:25101SIZEFULL-LENGTH34 -LENGTHSIZEFULL-LENGTH34 -LENGTH#66446FULL-LENGTH$18.56 pr$22.29 pr$27.25 prWMNSMENSWMNSMENSWMNSMENSWMNSMENS#66447-LENGTH$16.23 pr$19.99 pr$25.00 pr AA5-53-36-64-4 F11-119-914-1512-13Specify size. California residents, see left page.A6-64-47-85-6 G12-1210-10B7-75-59-107-8 H1311-11C8-86-611-119-9 I/J14-1512-13D9-97-712-1210-10 K14E10-108-81311-11n Variable support fornThree arch heightsindividual foot conditions for proper fit andErgoPad weightflex 2 Insolessupportfeature a unique, low-profile, and flexibleGround Control Insolescore in both the heel and forefoot areasreduce excess materialFAX800.437.2966that can be adjusted to suit a variety ofaround the heel toheel heights for use in different stylesUnique design supports foot arch and promotessmooth foot strike. Neutrallyof shoes. Innovative design supportsnatural heel-to-toe movement positioned center-of-pressure the foot arches and promotes a naturaldesign centers foot andheel-to-toe movement. Internal, syntheticSOFTreduces pronation forces.weightflex-X core combines twoSIZEWMSLIMWIDE Cushioned, decoupledtypes of plastic, offering different levels3543#37654150000035 polymer heel pad absorbs energy during foot strike.AliMed.com 800.225.2610of firmness according to individual foot3654#37654150000036 Polymer forefoot pad provides energy return. Made of a conditions, therapeutic goals, and body3765 #37654150000037perforated EVA body, nylon arch support, and anti-slip weight. Coated with premium quality PU386 5#37654150000038 textured nylon fabric featuring Silpure Antimicrobial to (polyurethane) soft foam for effective397 6#37654150000039 reduce odor. Choose from three Arch heights.cushioning. Excellent durability. Soft4087#37654150000040#37653150000040support available in Slim or Wide sizes. 4198#37654150000041#37653150000041 Sizing: Size 1, Wmns 5-6, Mens 3-4; Size 2, Wmns 7-8, Mens 6-7; Sizing determined by shoe size. Slim fits most429 8#37654150000042#37653150000042 Size 3, Wmns 9-10, Mens 8-9; Size 4, Wmns 11-12, Mens 10-11; Women, Wide fits most Men. 43109#37653150000043 Size 5, Wmns 14-15, Mens 12-13. 441110#37653150000044 #67125LOW ARCH$40.00 pr 451211#37653150000045 #67126MEDIUM ARCH$40.00 pr 461312#37653150000046 #67127HIGH ARCH$40.00 pr Find Medium and 471312#37653150000047 Specify size.Strong support at 481413#37653150000048 California residents, see left page. $44.75 pr$44.75 prAliMed.com California residents, see left page.9'