b'Diabetic WalkersnTri-layer insole and generous padding at a great valueWALKER BOOTSDiabetic WalkersAluminum uprights for stability. Tri-layer insole protects foot. Plastazote upper surface molded to guide heel at center of insole. Intermediate layer of extra-firm T-Foam shapes to plantar foot surface, ensuring total contact. PPT soft baseTri-layer with removable cells for targeted pressure relief. Padded boot liner. insoleFits left or right. Not made with natural rubber latex. Replacement Insole available. Sizing: M, Wmns up to 11, Mens up to 10; L, Wmns 11+,Mens 10+.#63135WALKER, M$175.00 ea Closed heel for #63136WALKER, L$185.75 eabetter protection#64048REPL. INSOLE, M$44.75 ea Tri-layer insole#64046REPL. INSOLE, L$46.75 ea Remove38 "-square nOffloading insole with removableCalifornia residents, see left page. cells for spot hexagons pressure reliefDH Offloading Walkerprovides shear force DIABETIC WALKERSreduction by stabilizing foot and ankle at 90.nVacuum cushion custom molds to offload foot ulcersOffloading insole with removable hexagons. Inner bootie prevents foot from migrating on insole.VACOcast and VACOped Diabetic Walker BootsBead-Wide, low-profile rocker bottom allows a smoothfilled vacuum cushion custom molds to foot like plaster casting to roll-through and increases stability for altered gait.offload foot ulcers and re-molds for each fitting. VACOcast Fits left or right. replaces a cast or walker to offload forefoot and mid-foot ulcers Sizing: S, Wmns 6-8, Mens 41 2-7; M, Wmns 81 2-111 2,while VACOped adjusts to 10 dorsal flexion, shifting weight Mens 71 2-101 2; L, Wmns 111 2-131 2, Mens 101 2-121 2; forward to offload heel ulcers. Easily removable for wound XL, Wmns 131 2+, Mens 121 2+. inspection. Removable rocker sole on both models with adjustable #60137$240.31 ea angle and ROM on VACOped. Foam foot bed layer adds shock Specify size. California residents, see left page. absorption. High shaft ensures ankle stability and reduces friction and shear. Four-strap design with toe cover and washable synthetic velour liner. Optional Calf Extension Kit for larger legs and Strap Lock to make boot non-removable.Sizing: VACOcast: S, Wmns 4-7, Mens 3-6; M, Wmns 7-11, Mens 6-10; L, Wmns 11-16, Mens 10-15. VACOped: S, Wmns shoe size 4-8, Mens 2-5, length min/max: 914"-101 8 ", foot width: 41 8 ", ankle circ.:VACOcast5"-11", calf circ.: 9"-15"; M, Wmns 7-12, Mens 5-9, length min/max:Diabetic Boot103 8 "-1114", foot width: 434", ankle circ.: 8"-16", calf circ.: 13"-20"; L, Wmns 11-14, Mens 9-15, length min/max: 1114"-1214", foot width: 514", ankle circ.: 12"-18", calf circ.: 15"-23". VACOped#67095*VACOCAST DIABETIC BOOT$154.50 ea Diabetic Boot#67096*VACOPED DIABETIC BOOT$262.65 ea#67098CALF EXTENSION KIT$15.15 ea#67099STRAP LOCK$25.00 ea*Specify size. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966n Pneumatic system ensures fixation of n Best for high-risk diabetic patientsfoot while allowing a customized fit XP Diabetic Walker For the high-risk diabetic patients. Walkers shell/aircell/Rebound Diabetic WalkersUniquely high rocker sole design maximizes plantar unloading and provides protection and designed for effective treatment of plantar immobilization. Hand bulb with pressure gauge (included) measures individual aircellAliMed.com 800.225.2610foot ulcers. Heat-moldable trilaminate insole andcompression, ensuring regulated aircell inflation for neuropathic patients. Also includes removable shock-absorbing hexagons promotetwo insoles (one Impax Grid and one Plastazote) and stockings. Fits left or right.ulcer offloading, with a pressure-distributing Plastazote top layer. Patent-pending pressure-relief valve for preventing over-inflation while balancing compression with customized fit.Hand bulb Immobilizes the foot and ankle at 90. Flex Edge overmolding provides protection againstInsoles Stockings with pressure gaugepressure points. Tamper-evident strapping helps ITEM #SIZEMENSWMNSBRACEMAX. FOOTMAX. CALFmonitor compliance. Fits left or right. SHOE SIZESHOE SIZEHEIGHTWIDTHCIRC.Sizing: S, Wmns 51 2 -81 2 , Mens 41 2 -7; M, Wmns 81 2 -12,1 1Mens 7-101 2 ; L, Wmns 12-14, Mens 101 2 -121 2 ; XL, Wmns#66123S4-75-812 2 "4 2 "14"14-161 2 , Mens 121 2 -15. #66124M7-108-11133 4 "51 2 "16"#66125L10-1311-15143 4 "512 "26"#66750$332.43 ea 1 #66126XL13+ 15+17"5 2 "26"Specify size. California residents, see left page. $276.49 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.67'