b'Night SplintsHip OrthosesPEDIATRIC ORTHOSESHip Orthoses. nAdjusts ankle/foot position from10 plantarflexion to 10 dorsiflexionPediatric Classic Night Splints help prevent heel cord (Achilles tendon) from shortening. Hook-and-loop straps adjust ankle/foot position from 10 plantarflexion to 10 dorsiflexion, helping to maintain or increase ROM. Indicated forBreathable idiopathic toe gait and post-Achilles tendonpadded linerlengthening. Breathable padded liner with nonskid base. Not for ambulation. Fits left or right.Sizing: Approximate shoe size, length of splint for calf/foot sections: S, 2-7, 71 4 /6; M, 7-10, 61 2 /81 2 ; L, 10-121 2 , 71 4 /10.#66141$73.00 eaSpecify size. n No metal buckles California residents, see left page.NIGHT SPLINTSHIP ORTHOSESPavlik-Type Harnesses treat congenital hip dysplasia in infants up to six months old. Felt-lined harness with color-coded hook-and-loop straps. Foot sock can be worn with toe section open or closed. Nometal buckles. CalfHand-wash in mild detergentAir-dry Sizing: Measure Sizing: Measure chest circumference (at nipple line). XS: 12-14 (premature); S: 14-161 2(0-3 months);circumferences of calf,Instep1 1 1 1 instep, and metatarsalM: 162 -182(3-6 months); L: 182 -212(6-9 months); XL: 211 2 -241 2(8-11 months).#51968$63.50 eaSpecify size. MetatarsalCalifornia residents, see left page.n Foot plate set at slightly less than 90Footdrop Splintpreserves naturalthan 90, the middle of the range of motion functional alignment of foot and ankle. Helpsrequired for normal gait. Easy bed mobility for prevent footdrop and subsequent anklealternating between supine and side-lying contracture as well as heel breakdown duringpositions. Prefitted, fits up to 80% of patients prolonged bed rest. Foot plate is set at slightly lesswithout modifications. Washable. LEFTRIGHTSIZEAGEPRICE #6771#6770INFANTFOR INFANTS (UP TO 18 mos)$112.75 ea#6773#6772JUNIORCHILDREN (UP TO 7 yrs)$112.75 eaFAX800.437.2966 LEFTRIGHTSIZECALFINSTEPMETATARSALPRICE #6775#6774MED.10" OR LESS9" OR LESS 7" OR LESS$112.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.n Allows movement in acontrolled manner n Resists plantarflexion PDAC AliMed.com 800.225.2610WheatonPavlik Harnesses treatStandard and Ambulating ContractureAPPROVEDcongenital hip dysplasia. Color-coded straps,Boots elevate the heel by contours in the boots hook-and-loop fasteners, soft, comfort ableshell. A cushioned, fleece-lined cover protects inner lining, and anti-slip foot pieces. Strapthe heel, wicking moisture from skin to maintain adjustments can be made while child liesskin integrity. Boot frame resists plantarflexion supine. Anti-slip foot pieces hold feet securelywhile providing a dynamic push to extension for in harness.correction of footdrop, foot-ankle contractures, and Hand-wash in mild detergentAir-dry deformity. Adjustable toe post relieves pressure on Sizing: Measure chest circumference: XS (premature),toes and adjusts to accommodate variation in foot 12-14; S (1-3 months), 14-16; M (3-6 months), sizes. Anti-rotation bar is hidden under fleece cover. 16-18; L (6-9 months), 18-20; XL, 211 2 -241 2Ambulating Boot adds a sole pad for transfers and (8-11 months). limited ambulation.#66886STANDARD$69.75 ea#5178$77.00 ea Sizing: One size fits foot lengths 5-8 and calf#66887AMBULATING$74.75 eaSpecify size.circumferences up to 11. Heel to top back of bootCalifornia residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. measures 7. Fits shoe size Childs 51 2to Youth 3. Suggested code: L439677'