b'Heel Suspension Boots Cushion-softHEEL AND SKIN PROTECTIONFacilitates bed mobility and flannel interior offloads heel pressureWaterproof,wipeable vinyl exterioras low as as low as$ 21 $ 47ea40 . ea 38eaOpen heelPressure- Optionalfree, fully Anti-Rotation BarHEEL SUSPENSION BOOTSsuspendedslides into pocketheeln Two adjustable inflation zonesAir Boot Heel Protectors Now you dont have to sacrifice prevention and healing to stay within your budget. Easy-to-clean, lightweight boots use a cushion of air to elevate the lower leg for complete pressure relief and improved airflow to the heel. There are two independent zones of inflation. One zone fits the boot to the footnContains Sanitized AG antimicrobial agentand leg. The second zone allows adjustment of heelHeel-Up Foot Positionersantimicrobial agent. Low-friction nylon exterior height. Low-shear exterior slides easily to help improve bed mobility. Extended foot panel offerscradle foot and ankle whilefacilitates bed mobility and slides easily on moderate footdrop protection. Fluid-resistant vinylsuspending heel for pressurebed linens to help maintain proper position. exterior is great for those with incontinence. Softrelief. Foam cushioning protectsWater-resistant fabric is durable and machine-flannel interior is gentle on fragile skin and helpscalf, shin, malleoli, and forefootwashable. Fits left or right. Optional wick excess perspiration. Ready to use out of theareas. Distal end of calf pad is tapered to protectAnti-Rotation Bar slides into pocket on box. One size. 6 oz. fragile Achilles area. Heel window allows airbottom of positioner to maintain foot in circulation and easy inspection. Skin-friendlyneutral rotationgreat for post-op total hip #66160*INFLATED$56.25 ea micro suede interior contains Sanitized AGreplacement patients.#6616006*6/cs$241.25 cs#66223REPL. PUMP, 2/pk$20.00 pk WIDTH CALF *Includes one free pump (not shown).SIZEAT HEELCIRC.ITEM #EA CS6/CSCalifornia residents, see left page. STANDARD4"UP TO 18"#65948$51.25 ea#6594806$284.28 cs ($47.38 ea)BARIATRIC5"UP TO 23"#65949$52.75 ea#6594906$291.49 cs ($48.58 ea)FAX800.437.2966ANTI-ROTATION BAR#65950$21.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Convoluted Foam AliMed.com 800.225.2610Heel Protectorn Accommodates compression device tubingLow-friction fabric cover reducesPRUventorHeel Off-Loading DevicesSoft, nsweating and friction burns cool fabric and pressure-absorbing filling protect Foam Pressure Relieving Heel Protectorsbony prominences. Elastic straps keep foot in offload the heel for decubitus ulcer protection.neutral position. Open heel design makes off-Heel insert covered with low-friction fabric forloading of heel easily visible. Stain-resistant reduction of sweating and friction burns. Two soft,material with Silbac antimicrobial technology. comfortable cozy cloth tie straps. Multiple ventilationAnti-rotation wedge attaches to either side of boot. holes for cooling affect. Includes auxiliary foam padCompatible with sequential and intermittent for extending the length or height. Choose Smoothcompression devices (SCD/ICD). Long boot has#67040SHORT, 9"L$106.09 eaor Convoluted foam. One size. Fits left or right. additional SCD/ICD exits and strap for leg security.#67041LONG, 13"L$117.16 eaFits left or right. #67042X-LONG, 15"L$128.75 ea#503400SMOOTH$38.00 ea Wipe cleanNot made with natural rubber latexCalifornia residents, see left page.#503450CONVOLUTED$40.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.51'