b'Cast ShoesProtects toe areaFOOTWEARSquarenEasily adjustable bungee closure system RoundBody Armor Cast ShoesNew design features sturdier, low-profile buttons, more secure lockingBody Armor Toe Guards protect toe system, and a stronger bungee cord system. Soft, SIZELENGTH (A)LENGTH (B)LENGTH (C) area after an operation or injury. Hard ABS durable EVA unibody provides unparalleled shockplastic with side wings can be bent or molded absorption while protecting cast from the elements.XS9.4"3.9"3.5" B to conform to wide or narrow feet. Adhesive CAST SHOES Bungee closure system is easily adjustable andS10"4.4"4.1" backing secures guard in shoes. Square secures cast in the shoe. Fits left or right. M10.6"4.7"4.3" A model fits DARCO square-toe shoes and #66174 CAST SHOE$17.25 ea L11.4"5.1"4.6" C walkers. Round model fits most round-toe #66174-1212/cs$154.75 cs ($12.90 ea) XL12.6"5.5"4.8" post-op shoes (fit by trial and error). Not Specify size. California residents, see below. OSHA-approved. Not intended as a protective device in industrial situations. 12/bx.Sizing: S, most women; L, most men.nOpen square toe #67108SQUARE$115.00 bxSlimLine Cast Boots adapt to#67109ROUND$115.00 bxfiberglass casts, bulky compressionSpecify size. California residents, see below.bandages, and a variety of wound care applications. New EVA sole is softer,Compensates for temporary providing less pressure on the foot. Adjustable forefoot closure can beleg-length discrepancyswitched between left/right closure.Two-layer oversole Higher ankle strap adds stability. adjusts heightSizing: Approximate with shoe sizing. XS, Wmns 3-5; S, Wmns 51 2 -8; M, Wmns 81 2 -10, Mens 6-8; L, Wmns 101 2 -13, Mens 81 2 -11; XL, Wmns 131 2 , Mens 111 2 -14.#64716$22.25 eaSpecify size. California residents, see below.EVENupOrthotic Shoe Lifts add12 " to 1" lift to compensate for a temporary leg-Use withlength discrepancy such as when wearing a FAX800.437.2966PegAssistwalking cast or fracture boot. Easily attachesp. 30 ,to shoe of nonaffected limb for improved balance and gait, and reduced body strain. Rubber and hook-and-loop straps hold it in place. Includes adjustable two-layer nonskid rubber outsole. Pro Pack includes five of each 800.225.2610AliMed.com nPediatric size Cast Boots adapt to1 2 ;size. Fits left or right.Sizing: S: A sole measurement between 10" and 11"; pedi 1 1 1 4n Closed-toe protection sizes Wmns 6-8 2 , Mens 7-8 2 . M: A sole measurement between 111 2 " and 123 4 ";Wmns and Mens 9-111 2 ". APB All Purpose BootsFor all-season,L: A sole measurement between 13" and 141 2 "; Wmns closed-toe protection. Room for bulky, post- and Mens 12-14.*op dressings or even most fiberglass casts.#66088 S$30.00 eaBreathable upper offers high-top protection.Pediatric Slimline #66089 M$30.00 eaNonskid sole. Ankle strap holds shoe snugly.fiberglass casts, bulky compression bandages,#66090 L$30.00 eaOpens flat for foot insertion. Fits left or right. and a variety of wound care applications.#66091PRO PACK $337.75 cs ($22.52 ea)Sizing: XS, Wmns 3-61 2 ; S, Wmns 7-91 2 , Mens 5-61 2 ; M,Adjustable forefoot closure can be switched*It is generally best to choose an EVENup a little too Wmns 10-121 2 , Mens 7-81 2 ; L, Mens 9-11; XL, Mens 111 2 -14. between left/right closure. Higher ankle strapsmall rather than a little too big. This means if your adds stability. Fits left or right. shoe measurement is between two of the measure-#64715APB SHOE$17.75 ea#647153636/cs$499.75 cs($13.88 ea) Sizing: Approximate with shoe sizing. S, Childrens 5-7 ments, like 11 1 4 "-11 1 2 ", or measures 113 8 ", it is best Save $139.25 M, 8-111 2 ; L, 12-11 2 .to go with the small. Also note that shoe size best #65350$22.25 ea correlates with size, as well.Specify size. Additional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see below.California residents, see below. Specify size. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 28 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'