b'Forefoot PaddingFOREFOOT SOLUTIONSBESTSELLER!SiliposSilipos Coveredshownn Toe spreader realigns toes n Toe loop holds pad in placeMetatarsal Pads with Toe Spreader Metatarsal Pads with Toe LoopSilicone gel cushions metatarsal heads. IntegralViscoelastic gel cushions metatarsal heads. toe spreader helps realign toes, preventingStretchable toe loop holds pad in place and interdigital toe abrasion, fat pad atrophy, andresists tearing. Silipos model features fabric-metatarsalgia.reinforced toe loop.Sizing: S/M, Wmns 4-7, Mens 5-6; L/XL, Wmns 8-12, Silipos Sizing: One size. Visco-GEL Sizing: S, Wmns 4-8, FOREFOOT PADDINGMens 6-11.Mens up to 71 2 ; L, Wmns 81 2 +, Mens 8+.nFirm support with comfortand conformability#64511S/M$17.75 prSILIPOS #64512L/XL$17.75 pr #77333ONE SIZE ONLY$15.75 prUniversal Gel Forefoot StrapsViscoelastic California residents, see left page.PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL gel helps reduce shear forces and burning under metatarsal heads from calluses, Mortons #65572S, RIGHT$9.75 ea neuroma, or fat pad atrophy. Flexible outer fabric #65573S, LEFT$9.75 ea for comfort and conformability.#65574L, RIGHT$9.75 ea Silipos Sizing: Measure around ball of foot. S/M, 6"-10"; #65575L, LEFT$9.75 ea L/XL, 8"-14". Visco-GEL Sizing: Shoe Sizes: S/M, Wmns nFabric top cover California residents, see left page. 4-8, Mens up to 71 2 ; L/XL, Wmns 81 2 +, Mens 8+.prevents sliding SILIPOS UNCOVEREDin footwear #61185S/M$28.25 prVisco-GEL Forefoot Forefoot#61186L/XL$28.25 prCushionCushions with Toe SILIPOS COVEREDStrap and Thin Forefoot #61189S/M$29.50 prPadsSoft viscoelastic gel pad #61191L/XL$30.50 prprotects metatarsal heads fromfriction, pressure, and abrasion. ThinPEDIFIX VISCO-GEL UNCOVEREDThin elastic loop attaches over Forefoot Pad n Shifts weight from big toe joint #65525S/M, RIGHT$14.00 easecond or third toe. Fabric top#65526S/M, LEFT$14.00 eacover prevents sliding in footwear.Sesamoid Relief Sleeve Lightweight#65527L/XL, RIGHT$14.75 eaSizing: S, Wmns 4-8, Mens up to 71 2 ; L, Wmns 81 2 +,LYCRA forefoot binder holds soft foam pad#65528L/XL, LEFT$14.75 eaMens 8+.with sesamoid relief aperture under firstPEDIFIX VISCO-GEL COVERED#65529FOREFOOT CUSHION w/STRAP, S$15.00 pr metatarsal head. Shifts weight away from big#65521S/M, RIGHT$14.00 ea#65530FOREFOOT CUSHION w/STRAP, L$15.00 pr toe joint limiting pressure and shock. #65522S/M, LEFT$14.00 eaFAX800.437.2966#65531THIN FOREFOOT PAD, S$14.75 pr #52734$16.00 ea #65523L/XL, RIGHT$14.75 ea#65532THIN FOREFOOT PAD, L$14.75 pr Specify Small or Large and Left or Right.#65524L/XL, LEFT$14.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.BEST AliMed.com 800.225.2610SELLER!n Protects toes to metatarsal heads n n Gentle midfoot andBreathable stretch fabric slips between toesVisco-GEL Forefoot Protector SockettesVisco-GEL Silicone Thin Forefootforefoot compressionConstructed from a thin layer of gel covered onCushions2-mm-thick silicone gel between fabricArch Support BandagesCotton/elastic both sides with fabric. Extends to beneath thereduces pressure under metatarsals. Toe loopbandage helps relieve metatarsalgia while metatarsal heads. Worn comfortably in every-helps prevent sliding.improving ligament balance and posture. day footwear. Sizing: S, Wmns 4-8, Mens up to 71 2 ; L, Wmns 81 2 +, Mens 8+.Reduces splaying and muscular stress.Sizing: S/M, Wmns 4-8, Mens up to 7; L/XL, #65545S, RIGHT$18.75 ea Sizing: Measure midfoot circumference at arch.Wmns 8+, Mens 8+.#65546S, LEFT$18.75 ea S, 18-19 cm; M, 20-21 cm; L, 22-23 cm.#65552S/M$15.75 ea #65547L, RIGHT$20.75 ea #6212$12.25 pr #65553L/XL$15.75 ea #65548L, LEFT$20.75 ea Specify size.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.23'