b'Cast AccessoriesWalker BootsPDAC nStability without restricting PEDIATRIC ORTHOSESn Overl appingAPPROVED dorsi- or plantarflexion aircells nMemory FREEDOM Pediatric Ankle Air-Stirrup Braces foam padding Supports offer proper Anatomically designed support for smaller ankles. Ideal Active Ankle for lateral/medial ligament shells incorporate twoMulti-Phase sprains, protective and preinflated, overlappingAnkle BracesEasilypost-operative support, and aircells that supportmodified, dual-densitylong-term management. and produce graduatedpadding with integratedHook-and-loop stabilization compression duringmemory foam allowsstraps. Fits left or right.ambulation. Fits children from 2 to 6treatment from post-injury through rehab and back116 "-thick double-sided neoprene with heavyweight years. 6"H.to normal activity. Padding offers compressionperforated nylon coverBlackwhile continually adapting to the changingSizing: Order by childs shoe size. 3XS, 2-3; XXS,#63198$55.25 ea anatomy of the injured ankle. Solid U-shape shell Specify Left or Right.protects and relieves pressure from ankle joint.3-5; XS, 5-6.California residents, see left page. Fits left or right. #66626$44.00 eaSizing: XS fits childrens shoe sizes 21 2 -41 2 . Specify size. CAST ACCESSORIESWALKER BOOTSn Low, natural#64917$71.50 ea California residents, see left page.heel height Specify XS and Black or White. California residents, see left page. Pediatric FixedSuggested code: L1906 n PneumaticWalkersEasy- Pediatric to-apply designWalkersLow provides stability forrocker soles for the lower leg withn Static hinge ease of ambulation low natural heeland a wider foot height. ConstructedPediatric TA Walkerbase for improved of covered malleableBootsLightweight, low- stability. Full-shellFP WalkerXP Walker aluminum uprights;profile boot has a rockerprotection and semi-pneumatic support. Custom-removable, padded,bottom to enhance naturalinflatable aircells with included hand bulb for washable foam liner;gait and hip alignment. Staticmaximum support and comfort. Includes two and contact closure straps. Indicated for stable foothinge. Fits left or right. socks. Fits left or right. FP Walker with two or ankle fractures, severe sprains or strains, post- Sizing: Measure foot length and calf circumference. Infantaircells housed within the shell to compress and cast removable, or as a comfortable alternative tofits 4 12 "-5 12 ", max. calf circ. 7 12 ", height 4 14 "; Toddler fitssupport the malleoli. XP Walker has four aircells casting. Fits children from 1 to 9 years. 5 12 "-6 12 ", max. calf circ. 8 12 ", height 6"; Child fits 6 12 "-8",for a total-contact fit.Sizing: S/M fits ages 1-2 years and foot length up to 6";max. calf circ. 13", height 9"; Youth fits 7"-9", max. calf L fits ages 21 2 -6 and 6"-71 2 " foot length; XL fits ages 61 2 -9circ. 14", height 11"; S fits 8 12 "-10", max. calf circ. 15",Brace height: 12 14 "Max. foot width: 4"Max. calf and 71 2 "-81 2 " foot length. height 12"-14". circ.: 14"#66579$59.02 ea #64959$153.75 ea #66127FP WALKER$122.97 eaSpecify size.Specify size.#66128XP WALKER$213.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966n Specifically designed for pediatric usen For recreational water activities n Keepsbandages dry DeSoutter CleanCast CSP-201 Pediatric Cast SEAL-TIGHTSEAL-TIGHT Bandage Saw System includes CSP-Sport CastProtectorsDurable TPE201 cast saw with display Protectors formaterial forms a uniformscreen and cable, battery packAliMed.com 800.225.2610recreational waterwatertight seal on leg/arm,PRO, Inter Connector, power activities or dailyprotecting against watersupply, carry case, wrench, and bathing. Durablepenetration. Stretches easily2 saw blades (25 mm and 29 TPE plastic lasts theover surgical dressing.mm). Microprocessor-controlled life of the cast. NotResists tears and withstandsvoltage booster ensures made with naturaldaily use. Reusable for showering, bathing, orconstant cutting performance rubber latex. aquatic therapy. Remove air from protector bywith zero deterioration.Sizing: Measure cast length and circumference for bestslowly submerging in water and releasing air from6\' power cordC7 plugOscillating fit. Maximum cast length is 28", calf circ. is 10"-13". top opening. Not made with natural rubber latex. speed 14,800-17,500 CPMNoise level #65415 $28.28 ea Sizing: Measure thigh circumference. S fits 16"-20". 55 dB(A)Handpiece weight: 0.7 lb.California residents, see left page. #66460KNEE PROTECTOR$30.25 eaCharging time less than 3 hours 2-hour cutting performanceBattery capacity 30.8WhSpecify Small. California residents, see left page. #713005$6,002.58 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.75'