b'Swede-O Ankle Braces PDACANKLE BRACESAPPROVED BESTn Low-profile strap-style braceSELLER!fits in most shoesMulti-Sport Ankle BracesLow-profile brace fits comfortably in mostPDAC PDACAPPROVED APPROVEDshoes. Thin, lightweight, and durable ballistic nylon material. Figure-8 straps simulate a professional taping procedure to help prevent ankle injuries. Full-top strap secures figure-8 straps. SeamlessnU-shaped spiral stays offer extranHeavy-duty top strap locksarch area prevents irritation to the bottom ofsupport figure-8 straps in positionthe foot. Comfortable, breathable tongue helps prevent perspiration build-up. Fits left or right. Ankle Lok Ankle BracesClose-spacedStrap LokAnkle BracesHeavy-duty top Sizing: See chart below, right. eyelets create the most effective heel lock. Offsetstrap locks non-stretch, nylon figure-8 straps in panel traps laces between inner and outer panelposition for a much more secure fit. Offset panel #66788$30.00 eaSWEDE-Oto hold laces tighter, longer. Internal U-shapedtraps the laces between the inner and outer panel Specify size.California residents, see left page. spiral stays offer extra support. Full elastic backto hold the laces tighter, longer. Full elastic back Suggested code: L1902 ensures complete unrestricted blood flow to theensures complete unrestricted blood flow to Achilles tendon and virtually eliminates the chancethe Achilles tendon and virtually eliminates the for blistering. Seamless arch fits the contour ofchance for blistering. Breathable tongue wicks PDAC the foot and eliminates irritation to bottom of foot.moisture away from your skin. Seamless arch APPROVED Triple-layer vinyl laminate with Padded Tongue oreliminates irritation to the bottom of the foot. Thin, Breathable Tongue. Optional Ankle Stabilizerlightweight, durable ballistic nylon construction. n Pre-positioned figure-8 strapsInserts provide additional support for injuredFits left or right.allow easy application ankles. Fits left or right. Sizing: See chart below.X8 Ankle BracesTwin,Sizing: See chart below, right. #66681$45.00 eadual-purpose straps serve#6189w/PADDED TONGUE, WHITE$31.75 ea Specify size.California residents, see left page. as both the figure-8 straps#60661w/BREATHABLE TONGUE, WHITE$31.75 ea Suggested code: L1902and top-locking straps by#6163w/BREATHABLE TONGUE, BLACK$31.75 easecuring on both the brace#6199 ANKLE STABILIZERS$5.50 prand each other. In addition,Specify size. strap is pre-positioned halfway through the figure-8California residents, see left page. configuration for easier application and to ensureSuggested code: L1902proper strap placement. Longer-length straps allow more leverage to be applied for a secure fit or to secure the ankle in slight eversion to better prevent ankle injuries. Fits left or right.Sizing: See chart below, right. PDAC#64934$48.00 ea APPROVEDSpecify size.California residents, see left page.Suggested code: L1902 PDACFAX800.437.2966APPROVED nIntegrated stabilizer conformsPDAC to shape of ankleAPPROVEDTarsal Lok Ankle Braces combine the nPre-configured internal n Easy closure for those who havecomfort of a lace-up brace with the supportfigure-8 straps ensuredifficulty securing traditional lace-ups provided by a rigid brace. Built-in, high-impact AliMed.com 800.225.2610correct positioning Easy Lok Ankle BracesEasy to use: Juststabilizer molds to the shape of the ankle from Inner Lok 8 Ankle Braces pull on the brace and secure the two straps. Idealbody heat and helps control the midtarsal joint. Pre-configured internalfor arthritic patients and those who have difficultySpeed lacing system featuring flat, no-fray laces figure-8 straps allow easysecuring a traditional lace-up brace. Offset panelensures fast and easy application. Fits left or right.application and correctoffers greater leverage so the hook-and-loopSizing: See chart below.positioning every time.closure straps can be pulled tighter and stay#64121S$35.75 eaFull top strap coverstighter, longer. Triple-vinyl laminate construction#64122M$35.75 eathe laces and locks the figure-8 straps in position.and semirigid side stabilizer inserts offer durability#64123L$35.75 eaQuick-release strap makes brace removal quickand support. Foam padded interior for comfort.#64124XL$35.75 eaand easy. Seamless arch eliminates irritation toBreathable tongue wicks away moisture to keepCalifornia residents, see left page. the bottom of the foot. Thin, lightweight, durablethe ankle cool and dry. Fits left or right. Suggested code: L1902ballistic nylon construction. Fits left or right. Sizing: See chart at right.Sizing: See chart at right. #61012WHITE$42.00 eaSWEDE-O SIZING CHART#63216$48.75 ea #66538*BLACK$42.00 ea SIZE:XSSMLXLSpecify size.California residents, see left page. *Not available in XS.MENS3-51 2 6-71 2 8-101 2 11-121 2 13-141 2Suggested code: L1902 Specify size.California residents, see left page. WMNS4-61 2 7-91 2 10-111 2 12-131 2 14-151 2Suggested code: L1902 61'