b'Caring for the diabetic or at-risk footAliMed has a full range of products to aid with early intervention, wound care management, pressure relief, and skin protection to help prevent, decrease the risk of, or treat diabetic or at-risk foot issues. Diabetic Orthosis Kits Duo/Laminate D-Soles Insoles Disposable Monofilaments Fabricate custom orthotics forPressure-distributing Plastazote top withConsistent and accurate results for early diabetic or insensitive feet expanded urethane base that won\'t bottom out detection of sensory loss or neuropathyDetails, p. 89 Details, p.13 Details, p. 105116 " gel bottomMedSurg DUO w/PegAssistHeelWedge Healing Shoes OrthoWedge Shoes Arthritic/Diabetic Gel SocksOffloading combo with up to 40%Clinically proven to offload heelClinically proven to reduceHeel-to-toe gel bottom helps prevent pressure reduction over other shoes pressure by over 26% forefoot pressure up to 57% friction, shear forces, and callusesDetails, p. 30 Details, p. 31 Details, p. 31 Details, p. 35VACOcast VACOpedDiabetic Boot Diabetic BootEZ Dorsi Assist AFOs VACOcast and VACOpedBody Armor Heelift Suspension BootsNo shank/footplate forDiabetic Walker Boots Pro Term Orthoses Adjustable elevation pad fully patients who can\'t tolerateVacuum cushion custom molds likeInterim orthosis for Chopartsuspends heel, dispersing in-shoe devices plaster casting to offload foot ulcers and Lisfranc amputations pressure over the calfDetails, p. 54 Details, p. 67 Details, p. 68 Details, p. 50AliMed.com|800.225.2610'