b'Radiation ProtectionPerfect Fit ApronsCLINICAL LIGHTINGWide selection of colorsand a Tailored-Fit option Standard Vests and KiltsOur best-selling Vest goes on Find the perfect fit for your personalityeasily and helps distribute weight evenly for freedom of and body shape with Perfect Fit movement. Hook-and-loop closure fastens the inside front panel Aprons, available in 13 stylesall withfor maximum adjustability while inner buckle prevents panel from 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent front protection.sagging. Available in Female or Male. Buckle Closure available at Select from over 400 popular patternsAliMed.com/aprons. Unisex Kilt fits snugly and features nonslip in S to 3XL, or tailored just for you at nomaterial inside the waistline to prevent shifting. Adjustable 2"W hook-and-loop buckle for a secure fit. 0.25 mm Pb-equivalent back additional cost. Additional features include shoulder pads and pockets, and free mono- protection.gramming. Ships within 15 business days.Front Vest Back Vest Shown in 400+ COLORS/PRINTS New#580RADIATION PROTECTION300+ COLORS/PRINTSAliMed.com/aprons FeatherLite option! Front Kilt Back KiltFEATHERLITEULTRALIGHTLIGHTWEIGHT DESCRIPTIONLEAD FREELEAD FREELEADCoordinating FEMALE VEST#960761#938316#938314 Thyroid Shields $498.75 ea$437.23 ea$346.25 eaAliMed.com MALE VEST#960762#938320#938318 $498.75 ea$437.23 ea$346.25 eaUNISEX KILT#960773#938324#938322 $498.75 ea$439.75 ea$346.25 eaVest sizing: Specify S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, or Tailored-Fit. Kilt sizing: Specify S, M, M2, L, L2, XL, XXL, 3XL, or Tailored-Fit. See sizing chart at AliMed.com/aprons. California residents, see left page. Apron Storage Patient ProtectionFour-Apron Rack Designer Protectiveshown FAX800.437.2966EyewearNew brands, new stylesFull selection at AliMed.com AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Hook-and-loop closure for adjustabilityMini Aprons with n Low-profileeasy-off hook-and-loop Wall Apron RacksExtra-strong,wall- closure. Fastens securely mounted apron rack. Choose One-, Two-,in seconds. Color-Four-, Seven-, or Nine-Apron model.coded sizes for quick identification. 3"H5"L prongsMounting holes on 16" centersStandard lead0.5 mmMounting screws not i ncludedAluminum withPb-equivalent protection white powder-coated enamel#920713ONE-APRON, 7"L$70.25 eaITEM #SIZEW x LCOLORPRICE#920714TWO-APRON, 81 4 "L$90.50 ea #9-080S12"x 10"YELLOW$117.50 ea#9-662FOUR-APRON, 191 2 "L$176.75 ea #9-081M16" x 14"BLUE$129.50 ea#9-630SEVEN-APRON, 351 2 "L$282.25 ea #9-082L18" x 15"GREEN$136.50 ea#9-650NINE-APRON, 50"L$351.75 ea #9-083SET OF THREE, S, M, L$325.75 setCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.107'