b'HEEL AND SKIN PROTECTIONBESTSELLER!Padded toe plate keeps pressure Generously paddedand friction off of toesstraps hold foot securely in place and protect shin and footMultiBoot Xtra Flat, nonskid toe-plate attachment knob provides a ANKLE CONTRACTURE BOOTSsafe transfer point for pivot or step transfersremove knob for a flat base to help prevent falls during unaided transfersAdditional calf padding safeguards the Achilles region and fully suspends heel for optimal air flow, wound healing, and pressure reliefBreathable, moisture- Rigid shell holds wicking liner keeps fragilefoot in neutral, skin cool and dry, reducinghelping to prevent skin breakdown footdropn Optimizes airflow to aid in healingMultiBoot XtraContracture Boots with fully coveredSizing: S, up to Wmns 8; M/L, Wmns 8 12 -11, Mens 7-10 12 ; XL, Mens 11+.plastic shell and padded spine hold foot in neutral to prevent MULTIBOOT XTRAfootdrop while providing pressure relief and minimizing risk of cross-legged injury. Breathable, moisture-wicking liner keeps fragile skinSIZEITEM #PRICEREPL. LINERPRICEcool and dry, reducing skin breakdown while additional calf paddingS #66452*$87.75 ea#66454*$85.75 easafeguards the fragile Achilles region and fully suspends heel forM/L#66452*$87.75 ea#66454*$85.75 eaoptimal airflow, wound healing, and pressure relief. GenerouslyXL #66453 $100.00 ea#66455$88.75 eapadded straps hold foot securely in place and padded toe plate keeps*Specify S or M/L. pressure and friction off of the toes. Flat, non-skid toe plateCalifornia residents, see left page.attachment knob provides a safe transfer point for pivot or step transfersremove the knob for a flat base to prevent falls during FAX800.437.2966unaided transfers. Fits left or right. Washablen Best value for footdrop and heel protectionMultiBoot Standard Contracture Boots are the affordableSynthetic Fleece LinerAliMed.com 800.225.2610contracture, wound-care, and footdrop boots that offer optimal heel swaddles foot and legpressure relief with limited ambulation qualities. The sturdy shell delivers excellent support with an anti-rotation bar that limits unwanted hip rotation. The toe plate keeps bedding off toes. Synthetic Fleece Liner generously pads sensitive skin and wicks away moisture. Fits left or right. Kydex plastic shellSynthetic Fleece LinerWashableSizing: S, up to Wmns 8; M/L, Wmns 8 12 -11, Mens 7-10 12 ; XL, Mens 11+. MULTIBOOT STANDARD WITH SYNTHETIC FLEECE LINER Boot w/Toe Plate REPL. SYNTHETICBOOT w/OUTSOLE AND shownBOOT w/TOE PLATEFLEECE LINERTOE PLATE COVER OUTSOLESIZEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICES#63145$80.75 ea#63146 $33.75 ea#63259$103.95 ea#64023$30.75 eaM/L#6962$82.00 ea#6963$32.07 ea#61002$102.64 ea#64024$30.75 eaXL#62206$90.75 ea#62207 $49.75 ea#64026$116.29 ea#64025$30.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.47'