b'Ambulatory Footdrop Braces n Dorsiflexion-assistnCarbon fiber blend offers greater flexibility Jacob Joint AFOS Elite Rehabilitator AFOs provideStep-Smart Drop dorsiflexion and lower leg extensionFoot Ankle Bracesdynamic assist while facilitating muscleA unique solution for activation in the affected leg to promotefootdrop. Dorsiflexion-assist muscle re-learning when the brace is worn.Jacob Joint pushes foot Over several months, many patients exhibitinto dorsiflexion during carry over with unassisted improvedswing phase, and absorbs dorsiflexion unbraced. The patented Eliteshock and decelerates Rehabilitator is the only known rehabilitatingplantarflexion during heel dynamic AFO available. May be combinedstrike. Comes with three with the Sport Rehabilitator Knee Bracesets of replaceable compression ( #66576 , AliMed.com) for total lowerReplacement Pad Kitcomponents. extremity hemiplegic gait correction.includes tibial pads andClinician can Includes AFO, two tibial pads, and strapstrap assembly adjust shock absorption FOOTDROP BRACES assembly. Replacement Pad Kits includelevel accordingly.two tibial pads and strap assembly.Sizing: S/M, Wmns shoe size 7-12, Mens shoe size 51 2 -101 2LATERALFIBULA with a heel width up to 21 2 "; FOOT PLATEMALLEOLUSHEAD Sizing: Measure length of foot heel to toe; height from L/XL, Wmns shoe size 121 2 -14, SIZELENGTHHEIGHTHEIGHT floor to top of lateral malleolus; and height from floor Mens shoe size 101 2 -121 2with a XS8"21 2 "14" to head of fibula. See chart at left. heel width up to 3". S9"21 2 "15" #66423*AFO$619.80 ea #70583$333.75 eaM10"3"16" #66422REPL. PAD KIT$49.00 ea PDACL11"31 2 "17" Specify size and Left or Right.APPROVED*Specify size and Left or Right. California residents, see below. XL12"31 2 "17" California residents, see below. Suggested codes: L1971, L2210FAX800.437.2966 n 12" shank installs directly to shoe n No shank/footplatejust attach barn Gentle vibration Schwartz Dynamic Carbon Fiber AFOsEZ Dorsi Assist AFOs provide a solution forencourages provide a solution for diabetic patients or for anypatients who cannot tolerate an in-shoe device,user to lift footpatient who cannot tolerate an in-shoe AFO. Totallike diabetic patients with footdrop. It can be fitted out-of-shoe AFO installs directly to shoe, leaving noin patients room quickly using existing shoe.Intellinetix Vibrating Step Sensors provide 800.225.2610AliMed.com contact in sensitive areas. Out-of-shoe attachmentDynamic carbon fiber laminate is lightweight butgentle vibration just below the knee when eliminates fitting issues and is cosmetically lessstrong. Carbon coated aluminum attachment barthe heel hits the ground, encouraging users apparent. A dynamic carbon plate runs the entire(no foot plate) is easily malleable to any shoe.to lift their foot for a smoother, less awkward length of the shoe. Adjustable height (12"-18")Adjustable height (12"-18") and super flexible calfgait. Easy to use, comfortable, and designed with super flexible calf band fits a wide range ofband virtually eliminates all fitting issues. Attachesspecifically for users with peripheral neuropathy patients. Optional valgus/varus for greater ankledirectly to shoe in less than 30 minutes, with onlyand other forms of nerve impairment. Hook-and-control available by special order. 3 holes to drill. Includes all hardware needed toloop closure. Adjustable, extra-wide banding #66699$361.75 ea attach to any shoe. holds sensor securely and comfortably in place. Specify size. See chart below. #66698$361.75 ea Pressure Sensor fits in any shoe. Charge lasts California residents, see below. up to 8 hours.Specify size. See chart at left. CALF BANDSHANK* California residents, see below. #66665$83.75 ea SIZECIRCUMFERENCE(CUT TO SIZE) California residents, see below.XS8"-10"12"S 11"-13"12"M 14"-16"12"L 17"-19"12"*Applies to Schwartz AFO only. California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 54 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'