b'Maximize function and independenceCarbon Fiber AFOs Affordable posterior and anterior models AFOS3No contact in critical 3Footplates have 10-15pressure point areas of forefoot lift3Structurally reinforced 3Posterior and Anteriorhigh-stress areas models availableCarbon Fiber AFOs are lighter, thinner, and stronger than traditional plastic AFOs, making them an ideal choice to help manage footdrop, provide stability at mid-stance, and propel the patient through the gait cycleall without sacrificing comfort or appearance. No contact in critical pressure point areas; this, along with reduced heat buildup, enhances overall comfort. FOOTDROP BRACESThe dynamic foot plate and strut store and release energy to assist patient through the gait cycle, adding strength with structurally reinforced high-stress areas. Foot plates have 10-15 of forefoot lift beginning around the metatarsal heads, yet still allow foot orthotics to be placed over it. Open heel design helps eliminate pressure injuries. 275-lb. capacity as low as$ 244. 42eaLateral One-Piece One-Piece MalleolarBypass (MBP)FAX800.437.2966Anterior Lateral Struts accommodate a wide range of calfPosterior Lateral Struts spiral to the posterior and feature flexible circumferences. Y proximal anterior trimline relieves the tibial tuberositycalf bands to accommodate a wide range of calf circumferences. Best for and mid-tibia area. One-Piece with continuous strand does not excessivelypatients that cannot tolerate tibia pressure and who have medial ankle push out of the shoe. Washable, slip-on upper tibia liner. Trimmable doubleinstability or that evert, pronate, or have valgus. Choose from One-Piece strapping system. For patients who have medial ankle instability or thatmodel, with continuous strand that does not excessively push out of evert, pronate, or have valgus. the shoe, or Malleolar Bypass (MBP) model that does not contact ankle bone, eliminating pressure. #67107$277.75 eaAliMed.com 800.225.2610Specify size (see chart below) and Left or Right.#66692ONE-PIECE$244.42 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #66694MBP$244.42 eaSpecify size (see chart below) and Left or Right. California residents, see left page. Size Chart for Anterior and Posterior StrutsPOSTERIOR ANTERIOR ANTERIOR TIBIAMALLEOLUS FOOT SIZESHELL HEIGHTSHELL HEIGHT SHELL WIDTH* RELIEF RANGE**PLATE LENGTH XS13"14"31 2 "-41 2 "21 2 "-31 2 "9"S14"15"41 2 "-51 2 "3"-4"10"M15"16"51 2 "-61 2 "3"-4"11"L16"17"61 2 "-71 2 "31 2 "-41 2 "12"*Measure just below the tibial tuberosity.**Measure floor to ankle bone.55'