b'Heel Pillows and SleevesHEEL AND SKIN PROTECTIONPadding helps protect bony prominences Low friction,Available in Standard and antimicrobial Bariatric sizesas low as17 as low as$ 12. pr $ 71 FootPillow 22. pr with Boot shownHEEL PILLOWS AND SLEEVESFootPillowsLow-friction, water-resistant nylon exterior slides easily Sizing: Standard or Bariatric.on bed linens to help maintain proper STANDARD, 4"W x 9"Lposition of heel and reduce skin#65935FOOTPILLOW$29.75 prshear. Supports heel and protects#659366 pr/cs$136.24 cs ($22.71 pr) Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge Achilles and malleoli against skin breakdown.Save $42.26Skin-friendly, seamless, water-resistant#65938ONE FOOTPILLOW w/BOOT$49.00 eaHeel and Elbow Protectors offermicro suede interior contains Sanitized AG#66076COATED HEEL BOOT ONLY generous padding and pressure relief for theantimicrobial agent. Fabric-lined hook-and-loop(USE WITH STANDARD ONLY)$53.25 prelbow, heel, or knee without trapping heat. Comfortclosures. Fits left or right. Standard model1 1cuffs hold protectors securely in place withoutmeasures 4 across at heel and 9"L. Bariatric BARIATRIC, 52 "W x 102 "Lcompromising circulation. All-day comfort ensuresmodel measures 5 12 "W at heel and 10 12 "L.#65382FOOTPILLOW$38.00 prgreater compliance. Color coding for easy sizeWaterproof, vinyl-covered Coated Heel Boot can#659426 pr/cs$164.59 cs ($27.43 pr) indication. Sold in pairs. be used with Standard FootPillow for added fluidSave $63.41Machine-washableAcrylic/nylon/spandexNot madeprotection. Durable and machine-washable. California residents, see left page.with natural rubber latexSizing: Measure circumference of arm above elbow/ankle at widest point. SIZE FITS UP TOCOLORPR6 PR/CS n Low-shear exteriorS16" YELLOW#66773#6677306 Fleece Heel Cups cushion heel in bed or chair to help prevent M17"LT. BLUE#66774#6677406 skin breakdown. Wont roll off heels. Low-friction nylon outer L19"WHITE#66775#6677506 covering helps heel cup slide easily on bed linens to maintain proper XL23"LT. GREEN#66776#6677606 position on heel. Fully padded to protect heel and malleoli. Synthetic XXL25"BEIGE#66777#6677706 fleece interior reduces pressure. Washable. One size.$16.25 pr$73.00 cs #65933HEEL CUPS$19.57 prFAX800.437.2966($12.17 pr) #6593412 pr/cs$176.90 cs ($14.74 pr) California residents, see left page. Save $57.94California residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610Foam Protector can be used alone or as a liner n Anatomically n Vinyl boot positions footdesigned for pressure relief Heel Boot and Foam ProtectorsSturdy, vinyl-covered boot suspends heel Prevederm Heel Cushions are anatomicallyand positions foot. Wipes clean. Replaceable, designed to protect the foot and help preventconvoluted Foam Protector ensures fully pressure injuries. Distributes pressure evenly tocushioned malleoli. Foam protector can be used critical areas on the foot and protects exposedas a liner or alone. Hand-wash/air-dry. One size. bony areas. Gel cushion is secured in place witha hook-and-loop strap. One size fits most. Sold#64044BOOT AND FOAM PROTECTOR$34.25 eaindividually. #6681FOAM PROTECTOR$19.19 prAdditional shipping charges may apply. #67130$27.02 ea California residents, see left page. Boot withCalifornia residents, see left page. Foam Protector49'