b'Shop our TOP FOOT & ANKLE products FREEDOMAccommodator is the softest Half Sole in the FREEDOM line, making it an excellent geriatric foot support. Dual-layer soleDuo/Laminate D-SoleInsoles Protocol map ensures gentle, long-term support.with Plastazote and urethane base that wonton backApproximately 175-lb. capacity bottom out. Shaped heel cup tapers from 14" to18 " to help avoid forefoot restriction. Choose18 " model with Sizing: See chart on p. 6. uniform sock liner or thicker 1/4" model.SIZEITEM #QTYSIZEITEM #QTYSIZEWMNS MENS18 " THICK 14 " THICKQTY Disposable Monofilaments offer superior 0#6810PR4#6814PR A5-84-6#6226#6227PR testing consistency and accuracy for early 1#6811PR5#6815PR B81 2 -1061 2 -8#6226#6227PR detection of sensory loss or neuropathy. Resistant 2#6812PR6#6816PR C101 2 -1181 2 -10#6226#6227PRto environmental fluctuations for uncompromised 3#6813PR7#6817PR D111 2 +101 2 +#6226#6227PR results. 5-site testing protocol map on back.High-Impact model also available, see p. 7.Specify size.#32745DISPOSABLE MONOFILAMENTEAHeelbo Heel and Elbow Protectors treat and help prevent dermal ulcers on heels, elbows,Protekt Heel Loft Pillows w/VGPT help and knees. Allows skin to breathe and stays inprevent or heal pressure injuries by comfortably place without restricting blood flow. Double layerelevating feet, suspending and completely of foam padding minimizes pressure. Sold in pairs. offloading pressure from heels. Visco Gel PolymerAdjustable Heel Lifts Peel layers to adjust Technology (VGPT) offers gel-infused memoryheight precisely to your patient. Durable leather Sizing: Measure largest circumference of arm/ankle/knee. foam top layer for greater pressure redistributioncover with three18 " rubber layers are tapered for SIZEFITS UP TOCOLORITEM #QTY and rapid heat dissipation. Includes fluid-resistant,comfort. Not made with natural rubber latex.S16"YELLOW#6419PR antimicrobial, antibacterial stretch nylon cover withSizing: S fits most Wmns shoe sizes; M fits larger Wmns M17"BLUE#6420PR nonskid bottom. Available with Gel Bladder forand smaller Mens shoe sizes; L fits most Mens shoe sizes.L19"WHITE#6421PR added comfort and cooling. #60404*HEEL LIFTEAXL23"GREEN#6424PR 24"W x 7"H x 16"D at highest point, 51/2"H at lowest point #64444*HEEL LIFT KIT (ONE SIZE) 6/KITXXL25"BEIGE#65308PR #67141HEEL LOFT PILLOW EA #60405HEEL LIFT KIT (4 EA SIZE)12/KITPremium model also available, see p. 53. #67142W/GEL BLADDEREA *Specify size.FREEDOM Swedish AFOsfor static dorsiflexion and medial and lateral foot/ankle stability. Fits easily into any shoe. Adjust with heat gun, trim foot plate with scissors. Padded hook-and-loop strapMultiBoot Xtra Contracture BootsPediatric Classic Night Splintssecures AFO around calf. hold foot in neutral to prevent footdrop, providehelp prevent shortening of Achilles tendon. Sizing: Wmns fits up to Wmns size 91 2 . pressure relief, and minimize risk of cross-leggedHook-and-loop straps adjust ankle/foot position.Mens fits up to Mens size 12.injury. Breathable, moisture-wicking liner with paddedBreathable padded liner, nonskid base. Not for WHITEBLACKQTY calf, straps, and toe plate. Toe-plate knob is a safeambulation. Fits left or right.transfer point for pivot or step transfers. RemoveSizing: Approximate shoe size, length of splint for calf/WMNS RIGHT#64328#64332EA knob for flat base. Fits left or right.foot sections: S, 2-7, 71 4 "/6"; M, 7-10, 61 2 "/81 2 "; L, 10-121 2 , WMNS LEFT#64329#64333EA #66452*SEA 71 4 "/10".MENS RIGHT#64330#64334 EA #66452*M/L EAMENS LEFT#64331#64335EA #66453XL EA #66141PEDIATRIC CLASSIC NIGHT SPLINT EA*Specify S or M/L.Specify size. 7975-2LOG IN FOR PRICING atAliMed.com|866.936.2987'