b'Arch SupportsInsolesPEDIATRIC ORTHOSESnChronic heel Comfort and support for growing feetpainreliefFREEDOM Half Sole Orthotics share commonComf-Orthoticfeatures such as a contoured heel cup to cradleAccommodatorInsoles are an all-in-oneand stabilize the heel; a moderate, longitudinal arch; medial arch support,mild metatarsal pad; and sculpted relief at the base metatarsal pad, and heelof the fifth metatarsal. Half Soles can be used off cushion. Proven effectivethe shelf for relief from conditions such as heel pain, SeversHigh-Impactfor treating heel pain3 disease, calcaneal apophysitis, and plantar fasciitis. BFO,Accommodatorresulting from plantar fasciitis. Adhesive back. 8 "H. XPE, or AliCork can be incorporated into custom orthotics. Sizing: XS, 10-11; S, 12-13; M, 1-2; L, 3-4. Accommodator offers maximum cushion with mild control and #665043 4 -LENGTH$17.50 pr molds to high-pressure points. High-Impact Accommodator #66505FULL-LENGTH$17.50 pr offers durability, shock absorption, and comfort with energy- BFO Specify size.absorbing polymer in the heel. BFO offers mild cushion with California residents, see left page. moderate control for more support and durability. It readily accepts glued modifications. XPE is firmer than BFO, offering maximum control. Easily modified by gluing or grinding. AliCork is firmest and modified by gluing, grinding, drilling, and heating.nHigh-performance, 1 XPE ARCH SUPPORTSINSOLESSizing: Insole is 2"W x 52 "L. anti-fatigue insole#6810ACCOMMODATOR$17.25 prComf-Orthotic Sports#6490HIGH-IMPACT ACCOMMODATOR$17.00 prReplacement Insoles#6820BFO$21.50 pr AliCork Anti-fatigue performance#6830XPE$22.25 prinsoles for treating plantar#60170ALICORK$26.00 prfasciitis in shoes withCalifornia residents, see left page.removable insoles. Trilaminate materials offer a slightly firmer support, making it a comfortable alternativefor those who cant tolerate rigid insoles. n Thermomoldable for custom adjustmentsSizing: XS, 10-11; S, 12-13; M, 1-2; L, 3-4. GloboTec Junior Insoles correct and support foot arches in cases of #66507$21.00 pr pediatric planovalgus feet (flat feet). Adds stability and improves posture, Specify size.especially during physical exercise, providing added stability for active kids. California residents, see left page. Deep heel cup guides the foot perfectly, offering better stability and motion control. Flexible with extra soft edges for wearing comfort. -length fits easily into shoes. Covered with an Alcantara washable layer. Shell grinds easily. n Moldable footbed Thermomoldable for individual adjustment with heat gun. Comf-Orthotic ExtraSizing: Determined by shoe size.Cushioning Replacement#31080510000022PEDIATRIC 5-6$71.08 pr #31080510000032PEDIATRIC 13-YOUTH 1$71.08 prInsolesSimilar to the Sports#31080510000024PEDIATRIC 7-7$71.08 pr #31080510000034YOUTH 2-3$71.08 prReplacement Insole (above),#31080510000026PEDIATRIC 8-9$71.08 pr #31080510000036YOUTH 4-5$71.08 prexcept with a top layer of soft#31080510000028PEDIATRIC 10-11$71.08 pr #31080510000038YOUTH 6-7$71.08 prand durable foam that, like#31080510000030PEDIATRIC 12-13$71.08 pr #31080510000040YOUTH 8-9, MENS 7-8$71.08 prPlastazote, creates a molda bleCalifornia residents, see left page.bed. Use for arthritic and insensitive feetFAX800.437.2966and fat-pad atrophy.Sizing: XS, 10-11; S, 12-13; M, 1-2; L, 3-4. nStabilizes#66509$30.25 pr rearfootSpecify size.DFS (Dynamic Foot California residents, see left page. Stabilizer) Insoles are ideal fornProgressive arch AliMed.com 800.225.2610early pediatric treatment to help control flat feet and pronation as a result of wearing a Denis- for growing feetBrowne Bar, pediatric growing pains, and cookieArch AngelsInsoles are designed to offer replacement. Long lateral flange for controllingcomfort and support for childrens growing feet. abduction. 5 offset heel seat significantly reducesWith Progressive Arch Design insole technology, and decelerates pronatory motion at the subtalarthe arch height of each progressive size increases joint and controls midtarsal joint motion inas a childs foot grows. Use them to relieve nRigid plate limits motion horizontal plane. Fits in most shoes. common muscle fatigue from excess foot motion, Carboplast Thermoplastic Flat PlatesSizing: Should be fit by trial and error. Sizes given aremaintain proper alignment and balance, support limit foot motion for conditions such as turf toe orapproximate with shoe size. the arch, and stabilize the heel. Shock-absorbing hallux rigidus. Footwear can be made rigid withoutINFANT/CHILDCHILD/YOUTH outer layer offers comfort. Inner layer gives gradual, removing shoes sole. Customize by grinding orflexible support. -length will fit into most enclosed SHOE SIZEshoes. Not made with natural rubber latex. ITEM #SHOE SIZEITEM #heat-molding. Shape using a Convection Oven4-51 2 #602029-101 2 #60205( #70389 , p. 84) at 400F for three to seven minutes. 6-7#6020311-121 2 #60206 Sizing: XS fits toddler shoe size 6-8; S fits toddler shoe size 9-10; M fits child shoe size 11-12; L (Youth S) fits youth Sizing: XS, Child 9-11; S, Child 13-Youth 1; M, Youth 4-6. 71 2 -81 2 #60204 13-131 2 #60207 shoe size 13-1; XL (Youth M) fits youth shoe size 2-3.#65176$43.50 ea 1-21 2 #60208 #66458$22.00 pr $42.75 pr$42.75 prSpecify Flexible, Semirigid, or Rigid and size.Specify size. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. 73'