b'HEEL AND SKIN PROTECTION Suspend heel and protect against footdropWhy podus-typen Synthetic sheepskin linerboots? Multi Podus Ankle Contracture Systems Rigid podus-type boots eliminate heelapply 10-25 lbs. of counterforce toToe cap, pressure and give secure footdropplantar foot surface. Lightweight Kydexshell.anti-rotation protection, control for foot/hip rotation,Washable, synthetic sheepskin liner. bar, and transfer and safer transfers/ambulation. They are Sizing: Adult, measure from heel to toe. S, 7"-8" (max. attachment includedtypically used to treat heel ulcers and calf circumference: 16"); M, 8"-9" (max. calf circumference: to help prevent footdrop contractures 16"); L, 9"-10" (max. calf circumference: 18"); XL, 10"-11" (max. calf circumference: 20"). Pediatric, measure the Adultin patients who are primarily bed-bound. length of foot. Toddler 31 2 "-41 2 "; Child 41 2 "-6"; Youth 6"-7".ShellA podus boot shell should be rigid#62381S$138.50 eaenough to prevent plantarflexion and give#62382M$138.50 ea pedifull heel suspension when the wearer is lying#62383L$138.50 ea Pediatric sizessupine in bed. Selecting the correct shell size is essential. Look for a range of sizes or size#62384XL$141.15 eaadjustability. #65362*PEDIATRIC$141.15 ea PDACPODUS-TYPE BOOTS The toe plate accessory is not an*Specify Toddler, Child, Youth. Transfer attachment notAPPROVEDadequate substitute for increasing theavailable for Pediatric models. length of the boot. The toe plate shouldCalifornia residents, see below.only be used to keep bedding off the toes. Suggested code: L4396RotationShells that include an anti-rotation Adultbar also help to maintain the leg in a neutralHeadliner leg/hip position. This is particularly important innAvailable with soft cover featuringAmbulating the post-hip-replacement or post-stroke patient. antimicrobial surface protection BootLinerThe greatest variety in podus-type bootsStandard and Ambulating Contracture is found in the liner. Liners come in a variety Boots elevate the heel by contours in the boots of materials, and it is important to match theshell. A cushioned, fleece-lined cover protects liner to the patients specific needs. Issues the heel, wicking moisture from skin to maintainpedito consider are skin coverage, moisture/heat skin integrity. Boot frame resists plantarflexionsizesmanagement, washability, padding, andwhile providing a dynamic push to extension forStandardstrapping/positioning control. correction of footdrop, foot-ankle contractures, andPDACFor the greatest skin protection, look fordeformity. Adjustable toe post relieves pressure onAPPROVEDshear-reducing, moisture-wicking fabrics. Fortoes and adjusts to accommodate variation in foot positioning and contracture control, look forsizes. Anti-rotation bar is hidden under fleece cover. greater coverage at the foot and shin/calf asAmbulating Boot adds a sole pad for transfers andSizing: Adult: One size fits foot lengths 8"-13", calf well as a secure ankle strap. If heat buildup is limited ambulation. Both Adult models availablecircumferences 12"-16", and foot widths A to EE. Heel a concern, consider a lower-profile liner. with removable soft Headliner cover, featuringto top back of boot measures 11". Pediatric: One size fits foot lengths 5"-8" and calf circumferences up to 11". OutsoleWhen selecting a boot, considerantimicrobial surface protection to shield against moldHeel to top back of boot measures 7". Fits shoe size safety during transfer and limited ambulation.and mildew, stains, bacteria, fungus, and algae. Childs 5 to Youth 3.Models with a secure outsole attachment or ADULTPEDIATRICintegrated nonskid bottom lower the risk of injury#64734STANDARD$85.25 ea#66886STANDARD$70.25 eaduring unassisted transfers, and they allow the FAX800.437.2966 patient to participate more fully in transfers#64733AMBULATING$118.50 ea#66887AMBULATING$75.50 eawithout risking further skin breakdown.#66742HEADLINER STANDARD$81.25 ea#66743HEADLINER AMBULATING$113.50 eaCalifornia residents, see below.Suggested code: L4396nFits larger calf800.225.2610AliMed.com circumferencesE. SoftPro Bariatricn Adjustable external straps In-Bed AFOs suspendcontrol dorsiflexionheel and position ankle toMulti-Podus Contracture AFOs with help prevent plantarflexionAdjustable Strap keep heel in floating positionShown with Ambulation Padcontracture. Anti-rotationto prevent pressure areas while anti-rotation bar bar and adjustable toe postcontrols hip and leg rotation. Dorsiflexion straps assist positioning and keepprevent plantarflexion and ankle strap secures bedding off toes. Low-profile back and plush fleeceto prevent ankle flexion. Adjustable toe post liner ensure superior comfort. Nonskid bottom foraccommodates all foot sizes. Antimicrobial surface assisted transfers.protector shields against mold, mildew, stains, Sizing: One size fits calf circumference 21"-32". Foot platebacteria, fungus, and algae. Removable, machine- Sizing: Foot length universal (8"-13"approx. up to10"L, 14"L w/toe post. washable, non-fleece headliner cover. Extender kitMens 16 shoe size); calf circ. up to 16".#66400$141.75 ea to accommodate wider or edematous feet. Model#67050MULTI-PODUS CONTRACTURE AFO$85.00 eaCalifornia residents, see below. with Ambulation Pad includes removable, soft,#67049w/AMBULATION PAD$92.50 eanon-slip outsole. Fits left or right. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 48 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'