b'Night Splints forNIGHT SPLINTS plantar fasciitis reliefHelp reducen Bilateral hook-and-loop straps adjustas low asmorning foot pain dorsi/plantarflexion Nonskid Pain studies show that sleeping inClassic Night SplintsBilateral hook- base $ 25. ea35night splints can significantly reduceand-loop straps adjust ankle dorsiflexion/morning foot pain. By preventingplantarflexion, helping to maintain or increase nighttime footdrop and accompanyingROM. Breathable padded liner with nonskid muscle tightness, painful stretching ofbase. Not for ambulation. Adult model adjusts plantar fascia is eliminated. from 5 plantarflexion to 10 dorsiflexion. AliMed created the first night splint toPediatric model adjusts from 10 plantarflexionaddress nighttime footdrop associated withto 10 dorsiflexion. Fits left or right.plantar fasciitis pain. These plantar-basedSizing: Approximate shoe size. See chart below.PLANTAR NIGHT SPLINTS splints helped provide relief by stretching the plantar fascia along with foot calf musculature and Achilles tendon.Many professionals still prefer plantar-based night splints for their ability to maintain an aggressive stretch without binding the forefoot. Large plantar footplates distribute force over a greater area and resist any plantarflexion during sleep. Although some models are bulky and retain heat, todays newest designs incorporate low-profile shells and moisture-wicking liners to maximize comfort and compliance, and are modified to#65200ADULT, 5/cs$126.75 cs ($25.35 ea)accommodate more patient needs. #66141PEDIATRIC$73.00 eapedi Pediatric How to choose the right splint? Specify size.sizesWhen choosing a night splint, look for oneCalifornia residents, see below.that places the foot in a comfortable position,ADULTPEDIATRIC/as stretching tolerance can vary depending onSIZEWMNSMENSCHILD*the severity of plantar fasciitis.SUP TO 7UP TO 72-7Shell Most plantar-based night splintsM8-107-107-10incorporate a plastic shell. Fixed shells placeL11+10 +10-12and maintain the foot in a particular position,*Length of Pediatric Splint for foot/calf sections: commonly neutral and 5 dorsiflexion.S, 6"/7"; M, 6"/814"; L, 7"/10".Adjustable shells allow gradual increases in dorsiflexion from a neutral or plantarflexed position. Ventilated models offer greater airFAX800.437.2966 flow to limit heat buildup. Liner Liners add comfort and padding in andn I nflatable air bladderPDACon the shell to protect heel, malleoli, and skin.increases dorsiflexion APPROVEDLook for a liner, like terrycloth, that absorbsPneumatic NightAdjustable support strapmoisture to keep the skin drier and cooler.Splints with terrycloth For travel or less-severe plantar fasciitis lining positions ankle in 800.225.2610AliMed.com Choose a soft or compact night splint.neutral. Fully integrated Although some night splints come one-size- inflation/deflation fits-all, others are sized for a better fit. X-widesystem beneath the models are available to accommodate largerforefoot adjusts to calf sizes. increase dorsiflexion.Powell M., Post W.R., Keener J., and Wearden S., Nonslip tread on sole. "Effective Treatment of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis with DorsiflexionFits left or right.Night Splints: A Crossover Prospective Randomized Study," Sizing: Approximate Foot Ankle Int, 19(1), (1998): 10-1. with shoe size. nPortable and perfect for travelS, Wmns up to 61 2 , Mens up to 41 2 ; M,Resting Foot SlingsTwo-part padded Proven plantar Wmns 7-10, Mens 5-8; L,fabric sling holds foot perpendicular or Wmns 101 2 -13, Mens 81 2 -11;slightly dorsiflexed. Adjusts with hook-and-loop fasciitis relief XL, Wmns 131 2 +, Mens 111 2 -14. closures. Fits in purse or suitcase.Accommodator Insoles #66366$66.75 ea #60607$39.75 eap. 44 Specify size. California residents, see below.California residents, see below.Suggested code: L4396California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.40'