b'Scan herePRESORTEDSTANDARD to shop theU.S. POSTAGEeCatalog PAID297 High Street, Dedham, MA 02026 OR CURRENT OCCUPANT AliMed Inc.AliMed.com/ecatalog 2022 AliMed Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. Specifications, prices, and availability subject to change without notice. $1.50Top Products AliMed has a full range of products to aid with rehabilitation,wound protection, pressure management, and patient comfortAdjustable Heel Lifts Simply peel one or two layers3 heights in 1at a time to adjust height precisely to your patient. Use with a post-op shoe to eliminate the pelvic obliquity caused38 "by leg-length discrepancy, in rehabilitation to raise the heel for lower-limb swing-through and improved gait, or bilaterally14 "to help relieve stretch and strain on the Achilles tendon and calf musculature in conditions such as Achilles tendonitis,18 "plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs. Set to38 ",14 ", or18 ". DurablePeel to adjustleather cover with three layers tapered for comfort. Not madein secondswith natural rubber latex.Sizing: S fits most Wmns shoe sizes; M fits larger Wmnsand smaller Mens shoe sizes; L fits most Mens shoe sizes.#64444*S 6/KIT#64444*M 6/KIT#64444*L 6/KIT#604054 EA SIZE12/KIT*Specify size. Also sold individually, p. 19.Use withNEWAliMed Offloading shoes!p. 31EVENupOrthotic Shoe LiftsHeel BootProtekt Heel Loft Pillows w/VGPT Compensates for temporary and FoamComfortably elevate feet and suspend heels to leg-length discrepancy Protectors completely offload pressure and aid in heeling.Sturdy boot with foam protector suspends heel and positions foot.Details, p. 18 Details, p. 52 Details, p. 50Shop our full line of Podiatric Solutions at AliMed.com/podiatryLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.comAliMed.com 866.936.2987 7975-2'