b'Fasciitis Relief NightNIGHT SPLINTSFREEDOM Dorsal PF Night Splints NighttimeLightweight dorsal night splint positions the footSafer nighttime in a 90 position, offering footdrop protection and muscle stretching with less restriction than plantar- ambulation Proven solutionbased night splints. A low-profile flexible shell with plastic-free bottom is less bulky, cooler, and easier to"A firm foam wedge was anchored walk in at night. Wide neoprene calf and toe straps,to the distal aspect of the foot plate along with gel padding on top of foot, help reduceof the AFO with VELCRO-brandpressure points. Added room in the forefootfastener, positioned such that the apex accommodates wider feet. Fits left or right. of the wedge was at the level of the Sizing: M fits Wmns 6-10, Mens 5-9; L fits Wmns 101 2 -15,metatarsophalangeal joints. This Mens 91 2 -14. provided 30 of dorsiflexion at the MTP #66113M$50.00 ea joints.#66114L$50.00 ea "each involved foot was treated with a dorsiflexion night splint for one month. California residents, see left page. "evaluations at initial, one-, two- andPLANTAR FASCIITIS RELIEFsix-month visits included standard questionnaires (AOFAS and MCSS), D2 PF Night SplintsDynamic dorsal nightphysical examination, and standardized splint utilizes a pivoting dorsal shell andFullX-rays.adjustable, dynamic stretch cord to hold the usersplantarflexion "88% of the patients who completed the foot in a 90 position to gently stretch the plantarUp tostudy improvedObesity, foot type, and fascia and calf musculature. This unique feature allows+25 smoking did not affect the results."some normal plantarflexion of the foot during sleep,The Use of Night Splints for Treatment of Recalcitrant Plantar yet returns foot to a dorsiflexed position when theFasciitis. Wapner KL, Sharkey PF. Foot Ankle;12(3): 135-6.muscles relax. This freedom of movement is key inAbstract:keeping the user comfortable and compliant. Soft bottom promotes greater comfort and safety whileThis study reports the results of the usewalking. Padded terrycloth liner wicks moisture,of molded ankle foot orthosis night splints promoting dry skin, and limits heat buildup to keepfor the treatment of recalcitrant plantar the skin cool. Plush neoprene straps contour to footfasciitis on 14 patients with a total of and calf for the perfect fit. Fits left or right. 18 symptomatic feet. All patients had Sizing: M, Wmns shoe size 6-91 2 , Mens 5-81 2 ;Shown in full dorsiflexionup to -10 symptoms for greater than one year andL, Wmns 10-15, Mens 9-14. had previously undergone treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, #65341M$117.75 ea cortisone injections, shoe modifications,#65342L$117.75 ea and physical therapy without resolution.California residents, see left page. All patients were provided with custom-molded polypropylene ankle/foot orthoses in 5 of dorsiflexion to be used as a night PF Night Splint IIPlantar-based nightsplint. It is felt that the use of night splints splint passively stretches the plantar fascia, calf10 provides a useful, cost-effective adjunct FAX800.437.2966musculature, and Achilles tendon to help relieve -10 to current therapeutic regimens of plantar plantar fasciitis pain. The plantar footplate maintainsfasciitis.an aggressive stretch without binding the forefoot,Conclusions:distributes force over a greater area in comparison to dorsal shells, and resists plantarflexion. Splint isAdjust angle to meet yourWe have found the use of a custom-preset at 5 dorsiflexion, yet easily adjusts in 2.5exact requirements molded ankle/foot orthosis used as a night increments in range from 10 dorsiflexion to 10splint to hold the foot in 5 dorsiflexionAliMed.com 800.225.2610plantarflexion simply by placing slotted screw into to be a useful adjunct in the treatment of desired adjustment hole. Cool, comfortable terryclothchronic recalcitrant plantar fasciitis. We foam lining encases a low-profile support structure.have now incorporated it into our treatment Fits left or right. protocol for plantar fasciitis.Sizing: M, Wmns 4-10, Mens 6-81 2 , and calf circumference up to 17"; L, Wmns 101 2 +, Mens 9+, and calf circumference up to 17"; XL, Wmns 101 2 +, Mens 9+, and calf circumference of 17"-23".#60973STD.$81.75 ea as low as#610782/cs$149.75 cs 74. ea$ 88#60974REPLACEMENT LINER$37.75 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page.Full range of Night Splintspp. 40-45Topical Analgesics Stretching Aids Massage Toolsp. 102 p. 103 p. 10345'