b'Table of Contentsn Insoles n Ankle Braces n Modalities and ExercisePrefabricated .2 Hinged .57 Stretching Aids .103Gel/Foam.6 Stirrup 58 Massagers 103 Rigid 10 Lace-Up .60 Cold Therapy .103Diabetic/Arthritic .12 Ankle Supports .62 n Assessmentn Shoe Inserts Achilles Tendon Supports .63 Measurement Tools .104Plantar Fasciitis Supports .65Heel Cups .15 Sensory and Reflex Evaluation .104 Heel Lifts .16 n Walker Boots Anatomical Models and Charts 104Met/Arch Pads 18 Achilles Tendon Walkers 66 Monofilaments .105n Forefoot Solutions Diabetic Walkers .67 n Surgical InstrumentsDigital Care 22 n Knee and Calf Supports. 71 Cutters 106Forefoot Padding 23 n Pediatric Orthoses Drills 106Toe Alignment 24 Heel Cups/Insoles .72 n Radiation ProtectionBunion Splints .26Post-Op Cast Shoes .74 X-Ray Aprons 107n Footwear Cast Accessories 74 Eye Protection 107Cast Shoes and Boots 28 Ankle Braces .75 Apron Storage .107Post-Op Shoes 29 Walker Boots 75 n Index . 108Offloading .31 AFOs/KAFOs.76Diabetic .32 Night Splints77 n Hosiery Hip Orthoses .77Sports Compression Socks 34n Materials and ToolsDiabetic and Arthritic Socks .35 Casting Tapes .78Compression Socks/Stockings .36 Grinders/Dust Vacuums .80n Night Splints Cast Saws .81Plantar .40 Orthotic Casting Supplies .82 SAME-Dorsal 42 Cast Protectors .83 DAYDynamic 43 Heating Equipment .84 SHIPPING *AliPlast 86n Heel and Skin Protection NickelPlast 88Ankle Contracture Boots 46 Plastazote 89Heel Pillows and Sleeves .49 Orthotic Sheet Goods .90Heel Suspension Boots 50 Strapping .92n AFOs Padding .96 *Items ordered before 3 pmEST, if in stock, shipPlastic 52 n Bandages and Topicals the same day. Also, there are no additional charges for backorder items that must ship Carbon Fiber .54 Athletic Tape .100 separatelyjust one flat rate. KAFOs .56 Compression Bandages .101Topical Anesthetics 102HCPCS Code Disclaimer: Some item listings contain HCPCS codes. These are suggested codes only. The reimbursement information provided by AliMed, Inc. and its representatives is intended to provide general information relevant to coding. Insurers reimbursement policies can vary, however, and the use of the codes discussed here does not guarantee that an insurer will cover or pay at any particular level.Same-day shippingorder by 3 PMESTELECTRONIC 3 Expedited delivery options Still have questions? AliMed.com Call 800.225.2610EDI capabilities/GHX Partnercustomerservice@AliMed.com3 APO shipping Place your order before 3 PMEST CALL800.225.2610 if in stock, it ships the same day!International: 1.781.329.2900 3 No minimum order 8:30 AM - 6 PMEST Monday-Friday requirements(excludes international orders)FAX800.437.2966International:Contract Pricing Bids: 1.781.329.8392 quotes@AliMed.com122 Publication #7792Product #11558'