b'Cast Protectors MATERIALS AND TOOLSProtect bandages,pediPICC, or IV sites sizesn For recreational water activitiesSEAL-TIGHT Sport Cast Protectors for n Transparent to view recreational water activities or daily bathing. Lasts the life of the cast. Not made with natural rubber wound or dressing latex.SEAL-TIGHT Shields Sizing: Measure cast length and circumference at widestBESTDisposable patches are apoint for best fit. Maximum cast length is given. SELLER!secondary or supplemental ITEM #DESCRIPTIONLENGTHCIRC.dressing that help keep #65413SHORT LEG24"11"-18"wound sites or surgical #65414LONG LEG 38" 15"-24"dressings dry. Transparent for view of wound or bandage. Not made with natural rubber latex. 5/pk. #65415PEDIATRIC LEG 28" 10"-13"$29.00 ea312"W x 6"L (5"W x 8"L overall) California residents, see left page.CAST PROTECTORS#66173$21.00 pkCalifornia residents, see left page. pedisizesn Infinity edge prevents water from pooling on ringSEAL-TIGHT Infinity Cast Protectors offer Kneethe ultimate in cast and bandage protection. Unique Protector infinity edge enhances protection and prevents water from pooling on ring. Molded grips for easy, no-slip application. Forms uniform watertight seal on the limb. Stretches easily over cast or bandage and resists tearing. For bathing and showering.Not made with natural rubber latex.n Moisture-proof covering for site-specificSizing: Measure cast length and circumference at widest PICC line or knee procedures point for best fit. Maximum cast length is given. ITEM #ADULT SIZELENGTHCIRC.ITEM #PEDI SIZELENGTHCIRC.SEAL-TIGHT Knee Protectors stretch easily#67079SHORT LEG24"21" #67083S, LEG12"16"over surgical dressings to protect against water#67080LONG LEG42"28" #67084M, LEG17"21"penetration. Reusable for swimming, water sports,#67081FOOT/ANKLE12"21" #67085L, LEG32"21"whirlpools, showering, or bathing. Lasts 6-8 weeks#67082WIDE SHORT LEG24"28" $28.75 eaor longer, depending on use. Not made with natural rubber latex. California residents, see left page.Sizing: Measure thigh circumference. S fits 16"-20";M fits 19"-23"; L fits 22"-26".FAX800.437.2966#66460$30.25 ea pediSpecify size. sizesCalifornia residents, see left page. n For daily showers and bathingSEAL-TIGHT Original Cast Protectors for daily showering or bathing. Durable polyvinyl bag lasts the life of the cast. Diaphragm stretches overAliMed.com 800.225.2610cast or bandage to form watertight seal. Not made nEasy bag-and-bandwith natural rubber latex.application Sizing: Measure cast length from tip of finger/heel to top SEAL-TIGHT Seal Bandsof cast for best fit. Maximum cast length is given.use an easy bag-and-band ITEM #ADULT SIZELENGTHapplication to quickly cover a#66166SHORT LEG24"bandage or to reduce moisture#66167LONG LEG43"penetration at a PICC or IV#66168FOOT/ANKLE12"site. Each band is individually#66169WIDE SHORT LEG24"packaged for single-patient use, and features plastic coverings to ITEM #PEDI SIZELENGTHfurther ensure protection from#66170S, LEG12"moisture penetration. Not made#66171M, LEG19"with natural rubber latex. 50/pk. #66172L, LEG32"21"L $29.00 ea#66711$134.33 pk California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.83'