b'Achilles Tendon WalkersWALKER BOOTS n Progressive adjustment in seconds n Radiolucent, adjustable Achilles Tendon Walkers instantly immobilizeangle settingfoot and ankle. Tri-Level Insole is constructed ofVACOped Walker BootsBead-filled Evazote on the top layer, 5-cm hindfoot wedge in middle,vacuum insert custom molds around the and NickelPlast base. Adjustable hindfoot wedge initiallyfoot and ankle for 360 of comfort and positions the foot at 30 of plantarflexion (2"H, this maystability. Adjustable angle setting (-15 to vary with foot length). As recovery progresses, decrease+30 in 5 increments) and range of motion plantarflexion in18 " increments by simply peeling a layerunlock advanced treatment protocols from base of wedge. Fits left or right.(SMART, Exeter, Leister). Rocker sole for Sizing: M, Wmns up to 11, Mens up to 10; L, Wmns 11+, natural walking gait. Machine-washable, Mens 10+.breathable, cotton terrycloth liner.ACHILLES TENDON WALKER Radiolucent. Optional Calf ExtensionKit for larger legs.#63175M$171.75 ea#63176L$166.75 ea S, Wmns shoe size 41 2 -81 2 , Mens 31 2 -71 2 , length min/max: 91 4 "-101 8 ", foot width: 41 8 ", ankle circ.:REPL. TRI-LEVEL INSOLE 51 2 "-11", calf circ.: 9"-15"; M, Wmns 81 2 -121 2 , #63282M$62.75 ea Mens 71 2 -111 2 , length min/max: 103 8 "-111 4 ", foot ACHILLES TENDON WALKERSFRACTURE BRACING#63283L$62.75 ea width: 43 4 ", ankle circ.: 8"-16", calf circ.: 131 2 "-20"; L, Wmns 121 2 -16, Mens 111 2 -15, length min/California residents, see below. max: 111 4 "-121 4 ", foot width: 51 4 ", ankle circ.: 12"-18", calf circ.: 15"-23". AdjustableTri-Level InsoleProgressive#67097*VACOPED BOOT$231.75 ea angle in 5 with adjustableadjustment in#67098CALF EXTENSION KIT$15.15 ea increments5-cm hindfootsecondswedge *Specify size. California residents, see below.Help protect and support fractured bonesMiami Tibial FractureTibial Fracture Braces control tibialOrthoses are ideal for ITEM # SIZE CIRC. HEIGHT PRICEsegments through soft- diaphyseal fractures of tibiatissue compression. Fulland fibulaavailable in two range of knee and ankle#60601S11"-14"11"$175.49 ea models: Standard (TFO) or motion helps prevent#60602M12"-15"12"$175.49 ea TFO-PTBboth with Shoe stiffness associated withInsert. Two-part anterior/ immobilization. Includes#60603L13"-16"13"$173.75ea posterior shell enables full heel cup and oneSpecify Left or Right.motion of ankle and knee stockinette. California residents, see below. joints to help prevent 18 "-thick foam padding stiffness. Complete withTFO-PTBStandard TFO double-axis shoe insert Sizing: Measure circumferenceand medial/lateral support. TFO-PTB with Shoe at largest part of calf.Insert has extended anterior shell covering See chart at right. patella (Sarmiento PTB design) for additional FAX800.437.2966 medial/lateral support. Miami Tibial Fracture18 "-thick foam paddingComplete with double-axis PATELLA TO ANKLEPTB BracesSarmientoshoe insert and medial/lateral supportIncludes two design. Permits joint mobilitystockinettesITEM # SIZE CIRC. LENGTH PRICEand early return to normalSizing: Measure circumference at largest part of calf.activities. Optimal controlSee chart below. 800.225.2610AliMed.com and molding through soft- #60594S11"-13"15"$228.75 ea #62910TFO$154.00 eatissue compression. Brace#60595M14"-16"16"-17"$228.75 ea #62909TFO-PTB$192.75 easuspension and ankle#60597L16"-18"17"-18"$228.75 ea Specify size and Left or Right.stability controlled withCalifornia residents, see below.single-axis footplate. FootSpecify Left or Right. California residents, see below. LENGTHcomponent sold separatelySIZECIRCUMFERENCEOF BRACEat right. Includes oneFoot ComponentCombine with PTB brace for STANDARD (TFO) w/SHOE INSERTstockinette. Shown with optional M-L support. 11 Foot Component S12"-14"16 2 "-1812 " 4 "-thick polyethylene foam12 " 1712 "-1912 "lines anterior shell 18 "-thickM14"-16 11 ITEM # SIZE WMNS SHOE MENS SHOEL 1612 "-19" 19 2 "-21 2 "foam padding PRICESizing: Measure circumference(TFO-PTB) w/SHOE INSERTat largest part of calf.1 S12"-14"161 2 "-181 2 "#60604S5-7 2 3-6$42.75 ea 1 1See chart at right. #60605M7 2 -10 2 6-9$42.75 ea 11 11 1 M14"-1612 " 17 2 "-19 2 "#60606L101 2 -121 2 9-11$42.75 ea M, LONG14"-16 2 "20 12 "-22 12 "L 1612 "-19" 19 2 "-21 2 "Specify Left or Right. California residents, see below. L, LONG1612 "-19"22"-24"California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 66 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'